Get Learning With This Sales And Marketing Internship With Outlook

Get Learning With This Sales And Marketing Internship With Outlook

Here is your opportunity to be associated with Outlook with this sales and marketing internship and learn everything about the trade from the best.


Sales and marketing internship with Outlook to make your resume.
Sales and marketing internship with Outlook to make your resume.look

Eager for a Sales and Marketing internship and to learn the tips and tricks of the job? If yes, then here is a chance for you to be a part of this burgeoning family with an internship at Outlook and gain hands on experience while earning well. So, what is this winter internship all about? Let’s take a look…

About the company

Outlook is a leading English magazine which talks about the latest news going around, including lifestyle, cricket, cinema, business, politics and more. From encouraging budding writers and sales and marketers to accepting submissions, Outlook encourages the youth to go out and be ready to face the world.

Fully loaded with people working to give their best in every way, Outlook is an ideal place to learn, earn and grow. Outlook magazine does not just want an intern to take the work-load off the employees, but they are looking for an opportunity to train students for online sales and marketing. An internship at Outlook will help you gain the necessary experience and get ahead in your career.

Who are they looking for

Outlook is looking for passionate and hardworking individuals who are eager to learn and apply the knowledge they acquire at the right places. They are looking for someone who understands the basics of marketing and business and knows how to handle sales.

If selected, you will required to maintain the CRM by studying consumer behavior know the potential of Social Networking Sites to be able to work on increasing the circulation of the magazine. You will also be asked to pay special attention to the role of e-commerce and CRM and relate market strategies to better the customer experience with the magazine.

Here is a brief of the position

Application Deadline: 6th Feb `18

Stipend: Rs. 5000-10000

You can read more about this sales and marketing internship or apply for it here. You can look for more winter internship opportunities through the Letsintern portal and find the best virtual internship or full-time internship or even part-time internship.