Read 3 Viber interns talk about their internship experience | You’d want...

Read 3 Viber interns talk about their internship experience | You’d want to be the Viber #GoodVibes Ambassador when you’re done!


Dishanti Ganguly, Former Viber Intern, Winner – Flipkart Voucher INR 500.

Last week, we gave you 10 reasons why you should be the Viber #GoodVibes Ambassador. This week, we decided to lead by example. Read what 3 former interns of Viber have to say about their internship experience!

We hope by the end of it, you’d want to join the awesome #GoodVibes community too!  : )

Dishanti Ganguly, who won a Flipkart Voucher worth Rs. 500, recounts her experience as a Viber intern saying, “Like every journey, my internships with Viber had it’s ups and downs, but with a little bit of effort and adjustment, it became a nice experience where I got to interact with a lot of people. I like to think that it has also made me technologically and socially aware as we made use of Google Drives, PowerPoint Presentations, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat to complete the missions assigned to us during the internship.”

“Overall, it helped me open upto strangers while talking about the benefits of the brand and with a little help from our Cluster Managers from Letsintern made everything easier,” She added.

A few interns were lucky enough to take an iPad Mini home as a reward for their spectacular performance during their internship. In the end a total of 14 iPads were given to the students, among which, 4 were from the capital city of Delhi, 7 from Hyderabad, 2 from Bangalore and the last 1 bagged by  Kolkata.

Agnes Lee, Former Viber Intern, Winner – iPad Mini.

Agnes Lee, who won the iPad Mini, called her internship with Viber “an amazing experience”.
Elaborating more on the tasks she had to complete, Agnes said, “The whole internship revolved around making people aware about Viber and the advantages it comes with. For this, I downloaded and used the app myself, getting to know every bit of it’s features before telling my friend circle about it.”

“Eventually, we built our own network of friends on Viber, the number of which was to be reported to our Cluster Managers. We shared the screenshots of our conversations through  Viber, where we made use of stickers, doodles, voice notes, group chat, etc.”

“Lastly we made PowerPoint presentations, jingles and most importantly a video Ad for Viber, which I won!
The missions got a bit tougher by the week, but it taught me to always be active in my work approach. I literally used to wait for the missions to be uploaded so that I could complete my tasks on time. This was a complete turnaround for the Lazy Me.” She said.

On a question about #GoodVibes, she responded, “I have already registered for it. Infact, I did it the day I came to know about it.”

Abdhija Gopalam, Former Viber Intern, Winner – iPad Mini.

Abdhija Gopalam, another iPad winner said, “Most of the tasks were pretty easy. They just needed a little bit of time and dedication. In the beginning, I really didn’t know how to handle them, but with guidance and motivation from my Managers, I was able to quickly learn what exactly I had to do. This way, I was able to boost my performance to a great extent.”

When asked about the tasks that she had to undertake, Abdhija told us that most of the missions were generally quite simple, mainly related involving use of Social Media Platforms a lot. We created presentations, videos and came up with unique marketing ideas to introduce Viber to the people around us. I feel that two missions involved a lot of active participation from the interns – ‘Free Hugs’ and ‘Twitterthon’.

“I have learnt quite a lot about the do’s and don’ts of Social Media Marketing,” she explains, “For example, it’s more effective to get in touch with each person rather than just mass messaging everybody. Adopt a different way to talk to different people. It also helped me become an extrovert, especially during the ‘Free Hugs’ mission. I mean, you’d think it’s just plain weird to go out and hug strangers but when you get down to do it, you realize it was actually a lot of fun.”

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