Grab An Internship At Money-Wizards And Make Your Friends Your Team

Grab An Internship At Money-Wizards And Make Your Friends Your Team

Want a fun and happening internship to spend your time in? Then this internship at Money-Wizards is for you. Know what the internship holds for you, here...


Work, earn and have fun with internship at Money-Wizards.
Work, earn and have fun with internship at Money-Wizards.

Hello there! We take it you’re here because you are slightly or maybe even highly interested in this internship program we offer and want this to be a stepping stone for your future. Well, you are on the right track! At Money-Wizards, we make sure that our interns are well equipped to start their career with the right mindset and that is what makes an internship at Money-Wizards so rewarding.

Let’s be honest, in college, while we do learn a lot of things, the important questions that can help us get a bigger picture of the world are missing. Questions like, what is the world like after graduation? What does it feel like to be your own boss? With this internship, we are looking into answering all these questions.

So, what comes to mind when you think about Money-Wizards?

Are they wizards from Hogwarts who yield a wand, learn magic and play Quidditch? As much as we wish it were true, we are just a bunch of chilled out, hardworking people trying to impart financial education to our Indian Youth. We, at Money-Wizards, realize how important financial knowledge is at present and want India to be financially literate.

Why, you ask?

Financial literacy is crucial to help ensure people save enough to provide adequate income in retirement while avoiding high levels of debt that might result in bankruptcy and foreclosures. The group which does not invest, has trouble with debt, don’t really know how to manage their money and put it to efficient use. This is why it is important for all of us to have adequate knowledge about finance and to look back at life one day and say, “HAHA, I beat the game!”

What’s in it for you?

Well, for starters, you won’t have to wake up early in the morning and come to the office every day and fret about life. You get to work according to your own convenience, be it at college or home. This is one of the few internships you can do with your buddies. Isn’t that great!

Let’s face it, whatever we do, it’s more fun with friends around. Be it going out for a movie or a meal or something as bad as failing at an exam, (when you know your friend has flunked the exams too then it becomes easier to laugh at the low grades) we know how much joy those familiar faces can bring. Be it good or bad, knowing that our friends have our back is something which we cherish. So, go ahead and bring in your team and show us what you’re made of!

The stipend is on target based and our CEs get rewarded for the effort they put in. The more you strive and deliver, the more you get paid, as simple as that.

But, what about the internship certificate? Don’t worry, you will also be provided with an internship certificate upon the successful completion of the internship and achievement of target.

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us in weaving magic, put on your wizarding hat and let’s conquer the world together!

No. of positions available: 100

Skills Required: 

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Convincing skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Time Management

 Apply by: 15/02/2018

Stipend: Rs. 1,500-12,000

Want to apply for this Campus Ambassador internship at Money-Wizards? Click here and get on the Letsintern portal to start applying.

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