“Every opportunity comes with a lesson waiting to be learnt.” – Harsha...

“Every opportunity comes with a lesson waiting to be learnt.” – Harsha Biyani (4 internships).


I have always driven pleasure from long hours of work. Nothing gets me going than the adrenaline of having new things to work and the pressure of delivering quality output way before the actual deadline. Being a media student and belonging to a reputed institute like ours, my college has time and again stressed on the fact that work experience counts and hence internships and projects form an important part of our evaluation system.

During the last six months time I worked with the following organisations

1. Paamki India Jobbs  : 5 weeks | Pune.
Paamki India Jobbs was started to bridge the gap between rural and urban across the country through telecommunications. They developed an advanced system that utilises mobile connectivity as a link to its database, which is designed to support and facilitate the process of connecting Job Seekers to prospective employers. The result was a simple and ‘human connected model’ that enlists Job Seekers data easily and without any difficulties. At Paamki, I was assigned the task of developing social media visual content which involved graphic designing, surveying, packaging design, collaterals designing, cold calling etc. I tried to deliver more than the tasks assigned to me under the above mentioned heads. All my work was put to quality use and I am still in touch with the organisation and its members.

2. Letsintern.com : 3 Months | Part-time Internship | Pune
I was associated with the Marketing and Sales Team of Letsintern for the first two months where I was supposed to reach out to students in and outside of my college and make them aware about  the difference doing an internship can make to their career. The idea was to introduce them to the ‘Start Young‘ campaign started by Letsintern and how can one easily find a various internship and job opportunities on their website. We were given a specific target to be met every month and I worked hard to better my performance every time. We resorted to Social Media Marketing and On Ground Promotional activities to spread word-of-mouth publicity.

3. Dell : 21 days | Virtual Internship | Pune
I worked with Dell as their ‘Campus Achiever’. During that time, Delllauched the ‘Achieve with Dell’ campaign wherein they invited stories from people on how technology has helped them to turn their passion into reality. The best stories were to be featured on the website and the winner also stood a chance to win a brand new Dell laptop from their inspiron series. Hence, apart from creating brand advocacy for Dell, we were also responsible for ensuring maximum participation from people in the ‘Achieve with Dell’ a campaign by getting at least 15 genuine stories from people.

4. Ekansh Trust – NGO: 1 month | Part-time Internship | Pune
Ekansh is a non governmental organization that works towards rehabilitating people with disabilities in the mainstream society by making it friendlier for them. As an intern-volunteer, I was supposed to make 50 second animated clips to spread awareness about how people with disabilities should be provided with an easy access to early  intervention, education, employment, entertainment,  recreation, legal and medical aid.

From all of my internships, I learnt to take that criticism is just a part of work and tried to use it to better my skills. I have more confidence in my work now and by the end of each internship, I have found myself more time-efficient that before. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of taking up multiple internships before you graduate, is that you get to explore the work culture of different organizations, apart from their basic operational principles. This not only makes instills the virtue of adaptability in you, but you can also decided what kind of work culture suits you the best and what kind of industry will be the best for you.

I remember, during my internship at Paamki Jobbs, the first packaging design that I made for the launching product was considered along with all the designs proposed by a professionals. This was definitely a huge boost to my self-esteem and definitely one of the memorable moments  had at my internship.

I also consider myself very fortunate that all of my mentors I worked with during all the internships I did,  have been really supportive, like, Mr. Mridul Arora from Paamki Jobbs, Anita Ma’am from Ekansh Trust and Karan Nathani from Letsintern. They shared their valuable experience from their field of work with me and inspired me to work diligently.

On a parting note I would like to conclude by saying that it is important to work before you actually enter the industry, not just because you’d be the first preference of employers when you sit for an interview or apply for a job with all that experience on your resume, but you’d be amazed at how much you get to take away from people you meet, things you do, organizations you work for and the teeniest bit of difference that you’d make where you work, which will pay off sometimes in future. Every opportunity comes with a lesson waiting to be learnt and every lesson learnt is worth the memory.

 Harsha Biyani is a undergraduate student at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication. 

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