Hillarious Internship Interview Stories For You

Hillarious Internship Interview Stories For You

Here are some funny internship interview stories to lighten your mood and brighten your day.


Internship interview stories to make you laugh out loud.
Internship interview stories to make you laugh out loud.

People never fail to surprise. They manage to bring hilarity even in the scariest of internship interview situations. Though I can never pull a stunt like this, but I do enjoy reading such stories. So, here are some hilarious internship interview stories for you to enjoy too.

Being confident, but cocky?

An interviewer shared the story of an over-confident, yet under experienced man. The position was for the sales team, and despite his better judgement, the interviewer decided to go with this candidate.

The candidate arrived for the interview, answered the questions. Finally, the interviewer asked him why he should be hired for the job. The candidate replied, “because I am good with girls”.

He further went on to tell how he could always get a girl home after a party. The point being, he knew how to talk his way around.

Interesting? Or gross? Or interesting? You decide!

Talking about the chest

Interviewers take pleasure in asking tricky questions. Questions that will put the candidate in a spot or make him think hard. One of the interviewers did the same while taking an internship interview. He asked the interviewee what made him unique. Now on the surface, this question might sound simple, but it is one of those sly questions that make the interviewee think hard and gives the interviewer an insight of who and what the candidate is.

The interviewee thought and thought and ultimately said in a proud and confident voice that he had a hairy chest, like really really hairy chest.

Fifty points to Gryffindor!

We surely had a laugh reading these internship interview stories. And while we enjoyed it, we ask you to refrain from doing the same. Laugh aloud and nail every interview you sit for. And if you are still looking for good internships then browse through the online internship portals and find virtual internships and summer internship of your choice.