Honest College Reviews: 5 Things You Should Know about Bishop Heber College

Honest College Reviews: 5 Things You Should Know about Bishop Heber College

For Trichy's first college, your study subject also depends on which shift you opt for. This and 4 more things only insiders from Bishop Heber College know.


Know things few would discuss about Bishop Heber College in Trichy. (Educrib)
Know things few would discuss about Bishop Heber College in Trichy. (Educrib)

The history of one of the most reputed colleges of South India, Bishop Herber College, goes back to the first German missionary who built the college for the promotion of Christian knowledge.

The first college of Tiruchirappalli, the college has many historical events which altered its name and affiliation over time. And a large expanse of things to offer to its students beyond these history factoids. Here, in a clapback to the famed college, we bring you 5 things to know about Bishop Herber College you must know:

1. Beauty Bishop:

The College has a fascinating history and that answers for the architecture upon which it is build on. The aesthetically designed building and the lush green environment maintained to perfect exquisiteness, gives it the name Beauty Bishop.

In everyday life, students here use the title “Beauty Bishop”, instead of the official name of the college. So, now you know the first rule!

2. Two Shifts:

There’s often confusion whether the college is aided or self-financed. Factually, the college runs in two shifts. The morning shift is government-aided hence less costly while the later shift is self financed.

The quality of courses and faculty also varied in both shifts. So, you might want to research a little bit before choosing you particular course and shift to ensure you aren’t compromising!

3. No Mobile Phone or Wi-Fi:

Well, call them old school, but it’s one of the few campuses now in India that doesn’t allow their students to keep mobile phones yet. It sounds bizarre but it’s in best interest of the students to keep their concentration in studies rather than their cello phones in the classroom.

It’s prohibited to keep them in the hostel as well but students manage to sneak it in! Also, the campus is said to be a Wi-fi free zone. You might catch a signal or two, but won’t be able to check out many links/websites even if you manage to connect.

A little less on the fun part!

University admissions often have this unannounced consideration on the part of the student that college is fun. Sorry to burst the bubble, but this college is not a happening place in terms of college fun. It’s slight on the boring part as there are many restrictions and rules to be followed.

Students Service Centre

The students service centre of the college is something all colleges in India should follow. The centre aims at providing relevant information and guidance to students regarding their career choices and higher studies, along with employment opportunities.

The source for spreading the information is usually computers, bulletin boards, hand-outs, or press-cuttings. The centre also manages courses for the students to ensure holistic development.

The popularity of the college is more on the historical part, looking at the contemporary academic structure of the college, it can be said that there are better options in the state than this one. But if you have a particular course in mind and the college offers that with a good faculty, there’s no apparent reason to quit it for nothing. All the best for your college life, fellows!

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