‘How an internship in Canvera turned into a marketing job’

‘How an internship in Canvera turned into a marketing job’

Are internships lessons for life and career? This is what Tejaswi Kayala learned at hers, through an internship in Canvera. One that is now a job.


How a dream internship in Canvera led to a job.
How a dream internship in Canvera led to a job.
“When you are aiming for certain job role you have to question yourself am I worth doing that job. If the answer is no, then don’t feel bad – either leave it or work towards achieving perfection in it.”
This is one of the takeaways from our chosen intern of the day, Tejaswi Kayala, who had worked on an internship in Canvera. Taking up this summer internship is how she figured out that digital marketing and content marketing is what she wanted to do with her life. And she worked on it to the point that it led her to a full-time job, in the same role, for the same company.
Tejaswi, a Marketing MBA from Amrita School of Business, Bangalore, describes herself as a digital marketing aspirant. “I am a blogger, an artist (painting) and a chef. I am looking for a knowledgeable and growing career in marketing – specifically in social media marketing, branding and advertising.”
So, how did you figure it out?
“I have looked for an internship in digital marketing. I have applied for many internships before but I was always keen to work for Canvera.com.”
For Kayala, it was a case of a crush at first site. The best student from her senior batch got a campus placement with the company and she knew, that the company was where she would also go.
Internship interviews began from March for her batch, but she started to work towards it from November itself, talking to seniors and figuring out digital marketing. This meant that when the internship interviews for summer internships took place in March, she was ready.
The summer internship experience:
“The internship was the best experience I have ever had in my professional career. I was encouraged to learn more and more, helping me learn more and more about Google Analytics, Facebook and Instagram marketing, website maintenance and apps.
I have also learnt what is teamwork and the corporate style of working. The top management at Canvera was extremely wonderful, hardworking and knowledgeable.”
Did it, make her more ‘ready’ for the job market?
“Yes, I do. Now I work for the same company as Content Marketing Executive.

“Folks there is nothing greater than hardwork in this world.”

“As a fresher Canvera is my first internship and the first company that I am working with. One of my seniors here, inspired me to begin my own website tjsquickkitchen.wordpress.com.”
Everyone may not get the same support like how I got from my seniors, professors, mentors and parents. But trust me guys, the situations are not always in your favour. I faced this myself and made it through instead of losing the battle.
Also, start enjoying what you are doing – If you are a movie buff write your views on each and every movie you see. Start experiencing things instead of watching and listening to stories.”