How Can You Apply For An Internship At IIM Ahmedabad

How Can You Apply For An Internship At IIM Ahmedabad


internship at IIM Ahmedabad

An internship at IIM Ahmedabad can be such a career-defining opportunity. Of all the internships in Ahmedabad that you can opt for, this is an opportunity that you will serve you the most in the long-run. How?

Well, for one, you will have a big brand name to flaunt on your job resume. And, second, it will be the perfect opportunity for you to get mentored by some of the best minds in the country, and learn everything that there is to learn from them.

However, the real question here is that how can you apply for an internship at IIM Ahmedabad? How should you frame your internship application, and where & how you can send it?

In this blog, we will cover the details of how to best apply for an internship at IIM Ahmedabad, and some cool hacks you need to be aware of to make the most of your quest.

Search the IIM Ahmedabad website and find your professor

The first step to achieve your dream internship should be to browse through the IIM-A official website. There you can look up to the list of faculty members from different departments in the college, and find the professor under whom you can take up an internship.

However, keep it in mind that the teacher or teachers you send your internship application to are in sync with what you have in mind for yourself. In simple words, you don’t want to send in your application for an internship at IIM Ahmedabad to a business policy professor, when your interest lies in making a career in marketing.


Do your research

The works of the professors, their publications, what they are working on currently, what interns and students under them are working on at the moment is usually mentioned on the site. If not, then you can always Google about them and gather more information.

If your idea about what you want to work on, resonates well with whatever they are working or have worked on, then send in your internship application right away.


Mail in your cover letter and internship resume

The email ID of these lecturers is provided on the website so that you can easily get in touch with them regarding the internship.

However, what you mail to the professor counts for a lot. So, ensure that while being grammatically correct and formal, your email includes (a must here) a cover letter, an updated version of your internship resume, and a letter of recommendation from your home institute or university.

Your cover letter will be your first attempt at an introduction and you should make this introduction count. Keep your cover letter crisp, engaging, and interesting. Talk about your expectations from this internship and the internships or projects you have worked on in the past.

Keep the focus on work experiences which coincide with the requirements of the current one.

Your internship resume should focus on your academic excellence. It should further talk about your achievements and paint you as an ideal candidate for the position. Talk about the internships you had undertaken in the past in some detail here. Highlight what you learned from that position and how you grew during your tenure.

Also, keep it in mind that your internship resume should ideally be one-page long. It can extend to two pages if the need is high. However, with the right resume format and template and by quantifying all the relevant information, you can stay well within the one-page limit.

In fact, that will make your internship resume all the more attractive and easier to read and appropriate.

If you are unsure how to proceed with your resume, then you seek out resume making websites like Resume Buddy and get your resume made accordingly. And, whatever you do, refrain from copying-pasting your resume off the internet.

With the letter of recommendation, I am very sure you don’t need a lot of help. However, ensure that the letter of recommendations is not too generic and highlights your key strengths.


Personalize your email

Your email to apply for the internship at iim-a should be formal but it can still be personalized. Like you can add in the subject line that you want to ‘work under’ the said professor.

In the body of the email, you can add a paragraph talking about the professor’s work, quote any particular research paper by the professor that you read or any of their work that you are familiar with.

Tell them what you particularly liked about the work that you read and what inspired or prompted you to opt for an internship under them.


Have patience

Being confident is a great thing but you cannot expect that your internship application will be selected on the first go. Therefore, send applications to two or three teachers so that you have some options left even if you are rejected from one quarter.

Follow up with the professors you don’t hear from after two or more weeks of sending in the internship application. Also, start applying a month in advance so that you have some time to formulate your plan and execute it properly.

Once your application is selected, you might be given a task or some work related to the topic, so that you can prove your mettle. Grab the opportunity with both hands and make sure you make a great impression.

An internship at IIM Ahmedabad can be really great, however, the key here is knowing how to frame and time your internship application right to make the most of any window of opportunity present.