How Can You Get An Internship At Twitter?

How Can You Get An Internship At Twitter?

An internship at Twitter can be a very rewarding experience. Apart from the big bucks, you can also expect better job opportunities to open up for you once you associate yourself with such a big brand name.


Internship at Twitter!
Internship at Twitter!

How will you feel if you are the first one to know what is trending today in the world? That is what Twitter is all about! With more than 3,000 employees, 35+ offices in different countries, and 300+ active users, Twitter is today one of the coolest companies to work at. And, an internship at Twitter means that you will be associated with something this grand.

Having an internship experience with one of the biggest social networking sites will not only boost your job resume but will add new skillset, up the confidence, and make you job ready!

It will also improve your bank statement, as Twitter provides one of the highest and competitive salaries to its interns.

Internships offered at Twitter

Internship at Twitter exposes students and new graduate to varied fields.Terns, as Twitter likes to call its intern, get mentorship and support in learning and building new products. They also provide a fun work environment, free food and a gym to keep you happy and fit! Internship opportunities at Twitter are available and not limited to:

  • Engineering
  • Design & UX
  • Trust and Safety
  • Business
  • Support
  • Data

How to prepare for the internship

To get an internship at one of the most visited websites in the world is not easy breezy. From the oodles amount of applications, you have to stand out and present yourself as distinctively and ready as possible.

  • Participate: Take on leadership roles in your college, volunteer, solve online coding challenges, and take part in extra co-curricular activities. Take initiatives to start something at any level. You have to stand out and for that, you have to show your previously completed work which says you are competent.
  • Resume: Make a clear, crisp and detail oriented resume. Highlight your achievements. Edit and proofread to avoid any grammatical errors.
  • Learn to Code: That’s the inevitable part. You have to solve a coding problem within 60 minutes on HackerRank. It is a pre-requisite to check whether you can code or not.
  • Company details: Learn about the company and its product. Understand how, why and when it was built and what it stands for. What the company’s culture is and what it intends to do in future.
  • Passion: Have a clear idea of why you want to do the internship. Understand what will you gain and learn by working with Twitter, and in what capacity will you be able to give back.
  • Mock Interview: Prepare yourself for the interview. Pausing and stuttering between the interviews will evade your chances of selection. Start preparing to give clear and succinct answers.
  • Oratory skills: Learn to articulate your ideas and thoughts incisively. Effective communication is one of the highest demanded skill. Failing to present your opinions and views strongly makes you a weaker candidate.
  • Be an early applier: You must have always received advice to be an early riser but here, there is a slight change, apply as soon as the application process starts to avoid any unnecessary stress or mistakes at the last moment. Be an early applier!

Eligibility Criteria to get an internship

  • 18 years or older
  • Current student enrolled in 2 or 4-year academic institution and eligible for full-time conversion following their next and final year or semester of school
  • Interns can be undergraduate, graduate level (Masters, MBA, JD) or PhD
  • Able to complete the full 12-week internship program
  • All students must submit an online application
  • International candidates can apply

Application Process to Apply

Twitter provides spring, summer, and fall Internships as well as supporting students in school co-op programs each year on a rolling basis.

  • Applications Open: August 1
  • Applications Close: February 12

Once the application period closes, the team starts to review student’s profiles and select the suitable candidates for an interview. There are two rounds of the interview process:

  • Round One: On phone or video,
  • Final Round Two: Onsite or video

Both the rounds include questions and discussions on values and technical/functional knowledge. Finally, by March 30, results are out and selected intern’s starts to work.

Internship at Twitter can be a life-altering experience. It will offer you a golden chance to work with talented people from across the globe and to explore new professional avenues. Something is always trending on Twitter, an internship with it will trend you and your career towards luminosity.

And, while you are waiting to get through and find your internship at Twitter, there are other opportunities waiting for you at LetsIntern to grab on to. So, HURRY!