How Can You Measure Your Internship Success?

How Can You Measure Your Internship Success?


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The concept of college internships has come a long way in our country. What started off as a ‘compulsory’ part of professional courses has now become an absolute must-do for career-oriented students.

More often than not it is easy to secure an internship that facilitates your educational knowledge by exposing you to the real corporate world. But not all internships are the same.

Most of the times interns are assigned off-the-subject tasks that do no good for them. So, it is essential to evaluate the success of your internship program by the end of it. But how do evaluate the internship success?

Read further about the checklist to consider while evaluating your internship success.

Knowledge gained

The easiest way to measure your internship success is to see what you’ve learned on the job. Anything that you’ve grasped while working adds your academic knowledge.

A rich working experience ensures that you learn the day-to-day mechanics of the industry while you put the theoretical knowledge to use.

The purpose of undertaking college internships is to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and the real corporate world with real-like job experience.

Boosted self-confidence

Nothing boosts your self-esteem and confidence like facing a challenge head-on. Coming up with your first presentation, research or business idea can help you overcome the feeling of self-judgment and fear. Once you’ve embraced your new found confidence at the college internship you will feel much more motivated and empowered to succeed.

Professional network expansion

Having a professional network of your own is essential in today’s times. The best internship tips talk about maintaining cordial relationships with fellow interns, seniors, cross-department colleagues and almost anyone you work with.

Consider it a great internship success if by the end of it a bunch of your senior colleagues and team members recommend you for work.

This professional network can go a long way in leading way for your future endeavors.

Achievements unlocked

Good managers or leaders leave no chance of praising your slightest good deed. Be it a good presentation, project management or innovative ideas all are a part of your achievements. This is because a motivated employ works better.

Most companies award Internship Certificates to all interns but sometimes you’re given an extra certificate of appreciation or recommendation letter or even a full-time job offer for good performance.

This is possible only when you’re able to outperform most other candidates hoping to take the trophy home.

Your internship success is directly dependent on your dedication and determination at work.

Feedback received

It is an absolute no-brainer. At the end of your college internship, you must sit-down with Project Managers and HR Head to discuss your performance.

Compare your first drafts with final deliverables, strengths, and weaknesses along with your overall attitude in the organization. This way you have a detailed idea about your internship success.

Along with that, building off of feedback and being receptive to constructive criticism makes you a better learner in the future.



You’ve had pretty impressive internship success if by the end of it you find yourself better equipped to take on the professional world.

Besides the obvious, you can have your own personalized criteria for judging internship success.

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