How Important Is An Internship In Digital Marketing For Your Career

How Important Is An Internship In Digital Marketing For Your Career


internship in Digital Marketing

An internship in digital marketing is the most significant thing you can do for your career while still in college. The apparent benefit of college internships is that you can convert it directly into a full-time job.

Even if you don’t wish to convert the internship into a full-time job you will still reap a lot of benefits.

If you are wondering about the importance of an internship in digital marketing, then we have a list of reasons why you should do one –


  1. Learn concepts and trends – Digital Marketing is a dynamic field and there are very few recognized courses in colleges. Even the ones who offer these courses are not updated with the industry trends. An internship in digital marketing is the best place to learn these concepts and find out what’s trending and the kind of tools and software you will need to learn to be successful in this career.

  1. Get live experience – Of course, you may wonder why not spend all that time on the internet and gain knowledge? But an internship in digital marketing goes beyond just offering knowledge; it allows you to experiment and use that knowledge in the real business world. You can test your knowledge on live projects and find out the results. Not just subject knowledge, but you also get the experience of working in a corporate environment.

  1. A chance to prove your skills – Skills are the focus keyword for making a career in digital marketing. You are hired only if you can demonstrate that you know something well. An internship in digital marketing will help you get proof and references that you have the right skills. You can get a certificate for your work in a company, and if you ask, you may even get a letter of recommendation from your manager describing your work accomplishments. You will never get a chance like this to showcase your skills on an exam paper or college project.

  1. Get clarity on concepts – Unfortunately, there aren’t many professors who are experts in digital marketing. Reading the theories online is one thing, but often you will have no one around you to guide you. During an internship in digital marketing, you will work with a team who works in the field and can help you navigate the area and help you by answering your questions on the subject. You can clear your doubts about how things really work so that you can use that knowledge in the future.

  1. Get Feedback on your work – You may be a great theory student and might provide fantastic solutions for a case study but come to the real world, and it might flop! An internship in digital marketing will give you the platform to work on real projects and get feedback about your initiatives and ideas from the managers who are experts in the field. It is the best way to understand if you are cut out for the job.

  1. Increase your professional network – An internship in digital marketing is your gateway to the world of marketing. You can develop professional relationships with the team at your work and keep in touch with them for future professional support and mentorship. You may also get a chance to attend events, conferences or workshops as a part of your internship where you will meet industry leaders. One of the best career tips you can ever receive is that networking is crucial to any successful career, irrespective of any industry.

  1. Value addition to Resume – The most significant benefit of an internship in digital marketing is the value it adds to your resume. As a fresher, you will not have much to write on your resume, but college internships are the best way to strengthen your CV. You can showcase your skills, your accomplishment plus the brand of the company you did your internship. All these factors will make you more employable.

Have you done an internship in digital marketing? Let us know about your experience in the comments below. And if you are looking for an internship in digital marketing then check out the latest opening on LetsIntern.