How to Explore Multiple Careers with Internships in India

How to Explore Multiple Careers with Internships in India

Try before you buy, isn't just an option in retail therapy. Find out how you can try a career on for size before you opt for it - with internships in India.


Confused about careers? This is how you can get a headway, with internships in India.

Choosing your career is a challenging and perplexing affair. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come as a sudden enlightenment that this particular field works for you. Often this ‘Eureka’ or ‘This isn’t It’ moment comes much, much later – when you realise that this specialised discipline is what you’re made for. Or that you aren’t actually made for this.

Don’t worry if you fear such a situation! You can opt for a sure path with a simple exercise at the very beginning of your career path. Leaving aside drastic changes (you can’t be a doctor if you are already in the final year of your engineering course – unless you wish to invest in another five years of study), it’s possible to change your role within a specific industry.

How? That’s what we are going to talk about today, with a background in multiple internships in India that you could opt for before zeroing in on the role that’s absolutely great for you.

Trying a Career On for Size:

We begin, with an example.

Say, you are specialising in HR, but realize that you are much more comfortable with analytics. You can work towards a midway profile. But, when the answer is vague, you need help. And that can happen, only once you decide to try the broader HR profile in a minimalist way. And that happens through internships.

Let’s see how:

Explore the practical work involved

While your academic course structure teaches you theoretical things about your future work, it is only in the actual work environment that you get to explore the practical work involved. And before you start with your real job, internships help you familiarise and discover the same.

So if you aren’t comfortable with the sort of work involved, you can look at alternative options before it’s too late.

Experience the work environment first-hand

Let’s say you know through your education what your job as a marketing manager or HR manager would be. But it is not until a firsthand experience that you get to know the real scenario. It’s not just about the work involved but the work environment which is influenced by a lot of factors.

For example, a student might be aware of the work involved but not how much it depends on other people of the organisation. And before starting with your job, internships are options which let you know this beforehand.

Compare with your expectations:

It is pretty much obvious that students choose their career based on some expectations they have from that particular role in the said industry. But how can they experiment if their expectations will be met in future? In a classroom, it’s is next to impossible to get the real picture. But during an internship, a student can take the best out of the opportunity to explore his role and decide if it has the potential to meet up his requirements and expectations.

If not, there’s still time to deviate and work towards a different aim.

And how can internships help in changing career tracks after we have decided our deviated path? Let’s unravel this question too in a few quick points:

1. Practical know-how:

Probably you have specialised in a different disciple than the one you have chosen now, internships help you quickly learn about the roles and responsibilities of your new career and in a way compensates for the limited theoretical knowledge. And you gain work experience in it.

2. Networking opportunities:

Internships also help you build a network by meeting new people relevant to your new career path.

3. Get job opportunities:

It also helps you grab job opportunities. If you are hardworking and move at a considerable pace, there are chances where you can convert that internship into a job and a permanent position in the company. Moreover, internships act as work experience in your resume which is essential when changing careers.

So, it can be concluded that internship opportunities not only help you explore your career options but also aid you in embracing a new one, if required.

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