How to get a Summer Internship in 2017 at Bain and Company?

How to get a Summer Internship in 2017 at Bain and Company?


Summer Internship 2017 at Bain and Company
Bain and Company

A Summer Internship in 2017 can ensure the leg up that your future career needs, especially at an MNC organisation like Bain and Company. The consulting organisation is a top pick for MBA, JD/MD candidates, to see a global perspective in the industry, through their offices in Delhi and Mumbai.

Bain & Company is one of the world’s leading management consulting firms. They produce results that go beyond the financial and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic and enduring.

Why a summer internship in Bain & Company:

In 10 exciting yet intensive weeks, you would work with Bain’s India consultants; tackling complex business challenges and using all your skills to help drive change in a range of organisations from global leaders to start-ups. The majority of the interns complete their summer with a full-time offer to join Bain as a consultant upon completion of their studies. In fact, the company’s internship program is an award-winning program, balancing work, learning and industry experience seamlessly. that could give you the best summer of your life!

Eligibility: First-year MBAs or MBAs at one-year programs

Application deadline: Online applications are accepted through December and March

Recruitment time: Second term, with applications due from September through October.


Since each of the case interviews will entail a discussion of an actual Bain case, reading up in advance is an added advantage. Successful candidates will participate in up to three rounds of interviews; each round will have two or three 45-minute interviews.

First round
You will meet with a Bain manager or partner on your school’s campus if you are invited to interview with Bain. The bulk of the first round of interviews will revolve around the discussion of Bain cases.

Second and third rounds
Those successfully passing the first round will participate in a second and possibly third round of interviews. You will meet with Bain managers, principals or partners during these final rounds, which will consist of a case and experience interviews.

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To avail this amazing opportunity for your Summer Internship, submit your application online.

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