How to get a summer internship in Airtel?

How to get a summer internship in Airtel?

If an amazing summer internship in 2018 is what you're looking for, consider a shoutout to Bharti Airtel's summer internship program and read how you can get one.


Find your chance to zip through with an internship in Airtel India. (Pinterest)
Find your chance to zip through with an internship in Airtel India. (Pinterest)

Trin – Trin. Who you gonna call? If an amazing summer internship in 2018 is what you’re looking for, consider a shoutout to Bharti Airtel’s summer internship program. In this blog, we explore how you can get a summer internship in Airtel.

The telecom industry in India, expected to grow to one billion unique mobile subscribers by 2020, is the second largest in the world. And Bharti Airtel holds a 22% market share (256.8 million) of it, as on March 1, 2017, as per TRAI. The company, celebrates its strength of over 34,000 in over 17 countries (India and Sri Lanka) included. And the scope of operations include 2G, 3G and 4G wireless services, m-commerce, landline services, broadband, IPTV, DTH and others.

Considering careers in Airtel India? Opportunities here are clearly divided into internship programs, Campus Connect opportunities and clearly defined opportunities for experienced candidates. Specifically, if you’re looking for summer internship program, this is what you should now.

Summer Internship in 2018

Want to intern with Airtel India over your summer vacations? The company offers B-School students a chance to gain work insights with ‘live projects’over a 2-month period. Interns here undergo training programs, work on projects and stand a chance to gain a pre-placement job offer.

There are also opportunities for specific roles during this period, where educational qualifications may differ. In fact, we currently have a summer internship in Airtel for a finance position.

How to apply for Airtel summer internship program:

In case of exceptions (like the current Airtel Big Break program), the company does not accept direct applications from students. There is, however, a six-step program.

i) Pre-Placement talks:

The company conducts pre-placement programs in selected campuses, informing students about the roles that are available within the company, possible career graphs and how they can join the company. Interested candidates from this small, selected group of students are encouraged to apply.

ii) Application forms:

By selecting which colleges and schools they choose to go to for pre-placement talks, the company is already funnelling the list. The small percentage of students who apply are largely B-school students. The campus placement committees send these across to the company.

iii) Shortlisting of applications:

Airtel Careers has shared that they receive an average of 100 applications from each college campus. So, how do they break it down to the right candidates? Well, after shortlisting candidates on predefined parameters, they’re invited for a further whittling down via group interviews and discussions.

iv) Group discussions:

Candidates selected are called for group discussions, where they’re brought down by large numbers to a final list of candidates, deemed OK for interviews.

v) Final interviews:

Here, Airtel conducts these interviews with shortlisted candidates on their respective campuses. The candidates who have been selected for them are called for a session with two people – a Business HR Head and a member from the Airtel management board.

vi) Final offers:

Offer letters are given to students who make it through. These are also provided through the campus placement committee. So, you can grab them from there.

Keen on exploring opportunities to work with Airtel India? While a select B-School background may not be for everyone, you could begin by exploring this one for CA students, which is currently available on our portal.