How to get an Internship in Business Analysis?

How to get an Internship in Business Analysis?

After learning the Zs of an Internship in Business Analysis, peruse through to know how to apply for one.


Internship in Business Analysis
Analyse your potential in Business Analysis (LinkedIn)

After acquainting and making you ready for an Internship in Business Analysis in the previous blog, here is a follow-up article stating the detailed process on how can an aspirant score an Internship in Business Analysis?

Proficient Business Analysts are responsible for a successful financial mileage for any industry. A Business Analyst takes charge of comprehending business related changes, appraises the business impact of those changes, along with analysing and documenting requirements. Supporting the communication and delivery of requirements with relevant stakeholders is also done by an Analyst. As the role allows, BAs can switch between any and all industries.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Task analysis. Evaluating surveys and workshop results.
  • Document any identified required changes, and communicate them to the relevant third parties/colleagues.
  • Using IT resources at an advanced level to create IT solutions, enabling organisations to better meet their goals.
  • Advising senior management.
  • Training staff in how to use the new systems.
  • Participate in user acceptance testing and testing of new system functionality
  • Understanding of systems engineering concepts.

Hallmark of good Business Analyst

  • Plan and assist teams
  • Prepare and moderate requirements workshops
  • Mediate between different opinions and stakeholders
  • Convey to the business what they “should want”
  • Offer solid solutions, budgets and concepts to stakeholders
  • Develop training material and training
  • Have leadership qualities as a Business Analyst works “om stage” and not behind a cubicle.

How to find a Business Analysis Internship?

Internship in Business Analysis
Internship in Business Analysis (businessanditsolution)

To find the perfect Business Analysis Internship, use the Internet!

  • Use Internship portals like LetsIntern. Peruse through the internships that are offered on the portal.
  • You can test the waters by getting a certifications like ECBA (Entry level Certification for Business Analysis) which will ease out your Business Analysis Career pathway.
  • Before and while applying, up your skills because companies often look for candidates who are technology-driven with Analytical skills.
  • Compile and frame your Resume in a way that showcases your Business Analytical skills.
  • Apply to firms which are looking for freshers.
  • Keep a tab on your College Placement Division. Many internship opportunities are kept noted here.
  • Have a strong Professional Network with Seniors, College Alumni and acquaintances in order to apply to a firm people can recommend you to.
  • You may also drop a direct e-mail to the HR of the firm you desire to intern for.

Remember, there are plenty options and opportunities. You just have to hit the bull’s eye!

Or if you really want to spare yourself the horror of browsing relentlessly through various internship portals, you can have a look at LetsIntern website and blogs on various Internships that are available.

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