How to get selected in off-campus placements?

How to get selected in off-campus placements?

Off-campus placements can be tough to crack to score a job. Lets give you some suggestions on how to get hired.


off-campus placements
Off-campus college placements for graduates.

Plenty of graduates with jobs in their pockets are ready to jump start their Career-Cart. But, don’t worry if you are one of hundreds who have no job in their hands or are counting on the profile that suits them the best. There are a huge number of graduates who have to opt for or prefer off-campus placements. Lets guide you through the off-campus placement process. We will show you how these tips can get you selected for a job.

Tips to make sure you get hired in off-campus placements:

Keep yourself updated, stay aware: 

Keep an eye on the company(s) you long to work for. Learn the profile you want in and out. Know the company’s hiring procedure. Keep yourself updated with their hiring schedules and vacancies.

Your Curiosity will take you places:

off-campus placements
Your thirst for knowledge counts

One of the possible reasons that you are aiming to get placed through off-campus placements is your average or below average score card. Don’t panic. Scoring is relative and everyone knows that. Once you have the chance to appear for an interview, be aware of your college curriculum and studies. Let your hiring committee know that you have knowledge in your field and the curiosity to absorb more! Go prepared for the interview.

Take the AMCAT test: 

off campus placements
Take the AMCAT test and boost your chances to get hired!

Almost all the companies these days prefer candidatures apt for the position rather than candidacy with fancy scores and college brands. The AMCAT test can vouch for your skills. A good AMCAT score is preferred by all the companies. Get your skills assessed and get hired!

Improve how you communicate:

off-campus placements
Communicate well to get placed well.

With college curriculum always focusing on the core skills, students often lag behind in soft skills. One way to get that off-campus placement is to brush up your English and communicative skills. Companies are always keen to hire people who can present their venture well.

Create a Killer Resume: 


Invest in your port folio real good. Build a resume that portrays your skills at the best. You can find some tips to build a resume with a lasting impression here.

Be positive:

This needs no explanation. Before you take up any endeavor, you need to have the right state of mind. Worry, anxiety and stress is not going to bring good results, anyhow. So, keep calm, stay positive and get going!

Crack the interview:

Once you have the spot to appear for an interview, slay it well! Don’t panic, give your best effort. The interviewer is probably going to test you for your skills other than your academic competency. So, buckle up and be smart.

One thing no one should ever forget: no matter what, never lose confidence. Be hopeful and everything can be achieved.

With these tips and tricks, get hold of yourself and speed up you Career-Cart like your batch mates!

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