How To Get Summer Internship At DRDO?

How To Get Summer Internship At DRDO?


Summer internship at DRDO means the world for engineering students, especially mechanical engineering students, as it is India’s most prestigious government-run Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO).

In every engineering college, it is mandatory for students in the third and final year to undergo a summer internship or training program in a private corporate or government organizations.

Internships bring professional exposure to a student which is the key to building an engineer’s professional career. This, eventually, helps develop confidence, professional attitude, and discipline in a young student’s mind.

Given the high status of the organization, DRDO receives thousands of internship applications each day from the brightest minds, studying at the most reputed colleges of the country.

If you’re a mechanical engineer wishing to bag a summer internship at DRDO this step-by-step guideline might come really handy.


About DRDO

Defense and Research Development Organisation (DRDO) works under Department of Research and Development of Ministry of Defense.

The DRDO works dedicatedly towards developing and building high-class weapons and technological solutions for Indian armed forces. They work in accordance with the requirements of the troops and help create solutions that ensure national good.

The DRDO works for many departments of military technology like aeronautics, electronics, advanced computing and naval system etc.

DRDO has two training centres in India – Pune and Missouri. The training centres are equipped with laboratories dedicated to different purposes.

These labs take up research in diverse fields like aeronautics, life sciences, missiles, heavy vehicles and the list goes on.

The students can apply to any division of their choice through the process we will explain in this blog

How To Get That Summer Internship at DRDO

To land your dream summer training program at DRDO you must follow all the steps listed below.

  1. Think and make a choice of the laboratory you wish to train with.
  2. Create an impeccable, short and well-formatted CV.
  3. Prepare a Covering Letter stating why you’re interested in the internship opportunity.
  4. You can send out the CV along with the covering letter to the Head of The Laboratory you wish to train at.
    • – Add Google Documents of your CV & Covering letter instead of attaching them as separate documents. This way your email doesn’t end up in the Spam box.
    • – Use proper subject line and email body.
    • – Don’t forget to add your contact details.
    • – Make sure you use error-free English in all the documents. – AMCATs MyEnglish is a useful tool which makes use of latest Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology to evaluate your English speaking and writing skills.
  5. After you’ve sent out the email, hold uptight for their response.
  6. After a week, send a follow-up email.
  7. If you have any contacts or know someone at the DRDO, check with them regarding your application.

After properly sending out the application, you have to be patient for their response. As a fresher, you may get nervous and all worked up if the results don’t come out sooner. But remember, the procedure takes 2-3 months so don’t jump to conclusions before that.


Points To Remember

  1. Keep your resume error-free.
  2. Ensure no grammatical errors or typos.
  3. Keep your CV up-to-date with all latest achievements.
  4. Add correct designations, address and phone number of the concerned individual you’re sending it to.
  5. If you have troubles creating a decent resume, you can use our product Resume Buddy. If you purchase ResumeBuddy online right now, you avail a discount of 40%.

If your resume is selected you’ll get a call/email from HR Department at DRDO. You will be asked to appear for Personal Interview at one of the training centres.

After selection, you’ll be permitted to intern for 4 weeks to 6 weeks at your chosen laboratory. The students should start applying early to avoid disappointment later.

At the end of your summer internship at DRDO, you’ll be provided with a Certificate based on your performance.