How to have Successful Virtual Internships

How to have Successful Virtual Internships

Follow these tips to work from anywhere, for anyone anytime! Read on to know more about successful Virtual Internships.


Virtual Internships
Sit your ass off and absorb all the work experience.

As we have always been professing that Internships are a stepping stone to a successful career. Be it paid, unpaid, in a Startup or in an MNC, in-house or Virtual Internships— all of these counts. Why, do you ask? It is all about the experience and buckets of knowledge that you can collect. Whether you are caught up with college lectures or dwelling in a city that has fewer internship opportunities, Virtual Internships are the saviours. Let us tell you how to have Resume exalting Virtual Internships.

 1. Apply for More than One Gig

Virtual Internships give you the benefit of working for more opportunities. This is a bonanza for those who have varying interests or fluctuating interests. So, when you are on it, why not apply for more than one area of interests and gain an all rounder’s experience! Virtual Internships can be successfully done with one or more applied gigs.

2. Get a Grip on Your Communication Styles

With Virtual Internships in your pocket, you need to polish your communication skills to have a successful experience. This demands from you to not only brush up your speaking and writing skills but E-mail techniques, Skype-ing (get a decent external Web Cam!). You also need to keep a note of timings for sending out updates. Define and understand the communication techniques you’d use from day 1 and you are good to be.

3. Practice Timeliness

Yes, the employer gave you the freedom to work whenever– it’s a Virtual Internship, duh! But because it is a virtual internship and you will never be questioned live, make sure you have communicated to your supervisor about the days and hours you’d be putting in. Maintain timeliness and respect deadlines. Deliver the submissions on time and there you are with a sparkling golden feedback to showcase on your Resume.

4. Take initiatives

Just like an in-house Internship you’d ask for work when you are not assigned any, take charge and ask for work. This will make you appear as an enthusiastic intern. Your employer/supervisor should know that you don’t take the internship for granted and you should also make sure they don’t take your contributions for granted. Take a duly note of asking and rechecking the tasks assigned to you.

5. Build your Network

So what if you are not commuting every day to your office. So what if you are not fetching coffee when assigned no work but instead sitting home doing your own work. None of this imparts any less value to your Virtual Internship, right? Internships are a great way to frame your Network, and you can do it from home! To have a successful internship followed by a bright career, connect with your employers via LinkedIn, Twitter and other professional platforms. If you ever happen to get a chance to talk with your mentor(s)– do it. Ask them about their experiences, tips and suggestions.

You can work from anywhere, for anyone (not just a single employer) and for any number of roles as long as you have a head full of creativity, skilful mind and plenty of time. To have successful Virtual Internships, follow these tips.

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