How To Make The Most Of A Virtual Internship: Internship Tips

How To Make The Most Of A Virtual Internship: Internship Tips

Virtual internship and how to make the most of it to get the best of both worlds and stay at the top of your game.


How to make the most of a virtual internship?
How to make the most of a virtual internship?

First of all, CONGRATULATION on finding the right virtual internship. Virtual internships are a great way to start your career and learn the tricks of the job’s world at your doorstep. However, despite its many advantages, sometimes you can find yourself at the back foot when it comes to virtual internships. So, how do you handle it? How can you make the most of a virtual internship? Here are some internship tips to help you with that.

Maintaining communication

Communication is an important part of any internship. Even if you are doing a virtual internship and lounging on your sofa as you work, try to maintain a healthy communication with your boss and mentor. Before you start with the internship, clear all your doubts regarding the expected work hours, the amount of work involved and the stipend.

Let your boss know about important dates, such as college exams or fests so that they can reschedule work accordingly.  Also, learn the art of emailing effectively. Most of office communication is done through emails and it will be a good practice to have a healthy hand at it.

Ask for feedback

Ask for feedback on your work from your manager. Ask for the feedback at the end of every week so that you are completely aware of your strengths and failings. However, be patient as your mentor or manager might have a lot on their plate and might need a reminder before they respond to your mails.

Keep to it and listen to their advice. Heed it to ensure that your work improves with each passing day and you get to learn something new every day.

Be a part of the team

While you may not get the opportunity to interact with your team actively, make a very conscious effort to be a part of team activities. Whenever there is a special occasion or any team activity, make sure that you are present and leave a favourable opinion. This will allow you to build your network and develop interpersonal relationships.

Don’t wait for deadlines

Don’t wait till the 11th hour to complete your work. Staying on top of deadlines will make a good impression on your boss and mentor and might get you a job offer from the company you are interning at.

While it is definitely hard to keep track of work and time in a virtual environment, you will have to discipline yourself and stick to the routine you chalk out for yourself to stay at the top of your game.

So, sit back, tie your seatbelt and get ready for a great internship ride.