How To Not Fumble During An Internship Interview

How To Not Fumble During An Internship Interview

Do you fumble during internship interviews or are you scared that you might end up making a fool of yourself? Take these internship tips and know how to stop fumbling.

How to not fumble during internship interview!

Internship Interviews can be really stressing. With all the questions thrown at you, the people analyzing your every move and everything that comes out of your mouth, it is almost impossible to put your best self forward and carry the conversation without fumbling even once. Whether it be an interview for part-time internships or full-time internships or winter internships, interviews never cease to be scary.

However, what if the interviewer asks you a question and you end up fumbling, or your voice goes all shaky and squeaky. Or what if you end up making a lame joke or saying something stupid? How do you handle that? Here are some simple tips to help you recover from a fumbling session or not fumble during an internship interview.

Recover and recover quickly

Do understand that an Internship Interview is all about how confident you are. While you can gape and stare, or give a weak laugh over something stupid that you said, you can take the higher way around and recover from the shock of things. Instead of losing your nerve because you fumbled or said something wrong, try to make a joke out of it and get back in the game as soon as you can.

If you don’t hold on tightly to the fumbling, the interviewer won’t either and the soon you recover, the better it would be.

Take some time to breathe

So, you fumbled or said something that cannot be recovered with a “I was kidding”. In that case, take a pause. Tell the interviewer you need a minute to gather your thoughts and get back in the interview. While you might think the clock is ticking away and a minute might feel like ten, take the time you need to recover, smile, look up and start over again.

Tell stories you know and believe in

If the interviewer asks you about the last time you solved a problem and how you solved it, then talk about an event that actually took place and in which you actually participated. Fabricating stories or telling lies won’t get you anywhere and the moment you start being dishonest you will lose the flow of your thoughts and get tangled in your own mess.

The result – lots of fumbling and a poor impression on the recruiter with no internship in hand.

Follow these internship tips to not fumble or recover from a fumbling session during an internship interview.