How To Plan Your Internship Calendar To Make The Most Of It

How To Plan Your Internship Calendar To Make The Most Of It


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Internships are no more ‘just a fad’ as it was once predicted to be. They are now more of a necessity to compensate for the lack of work experience while applying for fresher jobs.

Internships play the role of building a foundation to your career and hence planning internships thoughtfully becomes an essential thing to do.

Managing internships amidst all those projects, assignments, and examinations can be a challenging job but if you plan your internship calendar tactfully and much in advance, it can all be done without hassles.

So, let’s see how you can plan your internship calendar to make the most of it:

Apply for Summer & Winter Internships on time 

It is now very well known that summer and winter internships are the most popular internship seasons of all.

But still, many capable students find it difficult to grab a decent opportunity given the competitive nature of these internships and mostly because of the failure to apply for it on time.

Always start applying for summer and winter internships at least two months in advance.

Finding internships, once the actual period starts, not only eats up your counted vacation/internship days but also deprives you of good internship opportunities already filled up by early birds.

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Predict and Extract Opportunities

Being smart is the key. Different universities and colleges have long-breaks during different times of the year depending on their religious or cultural bend.

For example, colleges in Kolkata are mostly closed for almost a month during the Durga Pooja festivities while minority institutions have extended holidays during their respective festival times.

Make the most of it by keeping a track of upcoming holidays even if it is for a couple of weeks.

Apply to different companies for short-term internships by sending out personalized resumes to HRs or by directly registering on a reliable internship search engine on the web.


Judge Your Academic Session

Fortunately, you belong to a progressive world and now you don’t need to be on the look-out for college breaks plan your internship calendar.

Part-time and distance internships are available across various fields which gives you the freedom to intern without being physically present at a particular place.

But be diligent and take up these internships only when your study-load is manageable.

Inform your employer about your exam schedule if you are engaged in a long-term contract. Academic performance shouldn’t suffer in the race to do more internships.

Moreover, you can also do a few internships based on your hobbies rather than your course of study. Contrary to the belief, it can really help you in the future.

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Quality Over Quantity

Ultimately it must be understood that Internships are about improving the quality of your education and experience.

It is nowhere about showcasing the highest number of internships. So, always focus on quality over quantity while creating an internship calendar.


Geographical Space

Internships in India needs no particular care of geography as the seasons are more or less synced.

But if you are planning an internship abroad, you will need to make sure your vacation or internship leave synchronize with the opportunities available in the concerned country or place.

Other than that, part-time internships at offices should be accepted only when it is near your college or home so that you can save the time of traveling or it can really mess with your schedule and affect your grades.


At the end of the day what matters is the experience that’s worth all the struggle. Planning an internship calendar should never be about doing more number of internships or settling with whatever comes across. It should be focused on searching for meaningful internships that can add worth to your career. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter ‘How many’ internships you did but ‘How much’ you learned!