How To Use Social Media Responsibly For Your Internship

How To Use Social Media Responsibly For Your Internship


use social media responsibly

‘Use Social Media Responsibly’! That’s the mantra the current generation has heard from everyone including their parents and teachers.

But, it isn’t easy to be a part of the current youth brigade and not be present on (almost) every social networking platform; in order to stay relevant and feel like a part of the larger community.

However, as you are growing up, it becomes essential to understand the impact of your personal decisions on your career.

Recently, a NASA Intern found it the hard way.

She posted a nasty tweet and targeted a space legend, Homer Hickman. He took it in his stride but NASA didn’t, they noticed all the hate that she and her friends were targeting at Homer and decided to take matters into their hand.

They fired her!

She lost her hard-earned internship, thanks to the irresponsible behavior of her and her friends.

We have, therefore, listed out a few internship tips so that you know how to use social media responsibly and never have to get into such trouble.

  1. Google yourself – This is the first thing you should do when you are applying for an internship. There may be social networking accounts you opened, and you don’t even know about. Close all the ones you don’t use and clean up all the links that come up in your name. Employers expect you to use social media responsibly because once you start working for them; you will start representing them and their image. Hence, they want it to be the best.

  1. Use appropriate language – The thumb rule for this internship tips is that you shouldn’t say things to a person you wouldn’t say if they are in front of you. Many times you enjoy the anonymity of social media and say things confidently without considering if they hurt anyone or offended them. Don’t use swear words, don’t bully people and most importantly use good language skills. It doesn’t show well on your communication skills if all your social media posts are full of sentences with a mix of capital and lower case letters; something like this – I aM doiNg a kicka$$ InternShip.

  1. Don’t talk badly about your ongoing internship – This might be one of the worst ways to use social networking. Yes, it may be a habit for you to come back home and rant about your day, but maybe your internship boss and colleagues are on your social media group. Or worse, you may have added them yourself! Use social media responsibly and like old school talk about your bad day to your folks or text your friends about it, but don’t tweet it, snapchat it or insta it!

  1. Don’t be online on social media during work hours – It might be second nature for you to check your phone for notifications or even merely to check what’s happening. Avoid doing that when you are at your internship office, you should realize that you are now in a responsible position and most often you are also getting paid to do the job. The best internship guidance we can give you is to value the time at your employers and use it responsibly. Don’t waste it in activities which may not help your employer, unless of course you are the social media intern and that’s your job!

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  1. Don’t post controversial or hateful posts – The world is a conflicting place, and you would want to express your opinion. Yes, freedom to express is a constitutional right in India, but then, of course, there are always consequences. Understand that while you may be free to post anything online, even your recruiters will feel free to not select you because of it. Several people have lost their jobs for posting controversial things. So remember to use social media responsibly and sleep over it before posting anything that is hurtful to a community or people.

Make sure you use social networking like Snapchat or other private channels to share your drunken stories if you wish to!

It’s a big no to post such things on Facebook or Whatsapp Stories, be especially careful of Whatsapp Stories as anyone who has shared your number and you have theirs will be able to see your story.

All this doesn’t mean that you don’t express yourself, even an empty social media raises red flags for a recruiter!

Be a decent human being, who is a productive member of the community online and that should work for you! For more such internship guidance and internship tips, follow our blog here.

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