ICCE Internship as Climate Counsellor Taught Me Responsibility: Vireet

ICCE Internship as Climate Counsellor Taught Me Responsibility: Vireet

An internship with ICCE changed the way Vireet perceived the world and herself. It made her a stronger leader and allowed her to be a part of the bigger picture.


Vireet did an internship with ICCE and took a step in the right direction towards realizing her dreams.
Vireet did an internship with ICCE and took a step in the right direction towards realizing her dreams.

Do you remember Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar speech last year? He talked about environment and the need to salvage whatever we can, starting now. Environment has become a hot topic of discussion nowadays. There is no one who is untouched by the atrocities of humans on the environment. The need to sensitise ourselves is now greater that it ever was, and that is what Vireet learned when she did an internship with ICCE.

We caught up with Vireet to learn about her experience as Climate Counsellor at ICCE.

How did you get selected for the internship?

“I got shortlisted on the basis of my cv. Then a process of online questionnaire was conducted”, says Vireet.

The questionnaire grilled her and screened her knowledge to determine whether she was eligible for the task of a Climate Counsellor or not. The fact that she was already a socially responsible citizen helped her case as she got an email confirming her selection within a week.

That’s great! How was your experience as a Climate Counsellor at ICCE?

Vireet says that her experience as a Climate Counsellor was spectacular. She got a chance to associate herself not with something she believed in, but her position of responsibility brought out the leader in her. From highlighting the benefits of climate change to educating people about how they are making the environment sick and what can be done to prevent it, Vireet did it all.

Her experience brought her closure to her fellow earthlings and she felt more connected and inspired than ever.

That is indeed inspiring. What more did you learn from your internship experience?

“My involvement as a Climate Counsellor with ICCE organization helped me become a more responsible individual, develop compassion and an inquisitive mind.”

Vireet was able to bring a qualitative change in the thoughts and action of young people. The sense of belonging and oneness she found there was unparalleled and the fact that she was contributing so much to the society made her feel more sure of herself.

Do you feel more ready for the job market?

“Absolutely”, states Vireet, who thinks an internship is necessary to gain an edge in this fast-paced and highly competitive environment.

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”

Vireet believed in this motto and took a big and impactful step to be an expert in the field of her choice.

Would you recommend Letsintern to others?

“Most definitely”

An internship is absolutely necessary to get ahead in the competition even before it begins. Vineeti experienced the benefits of Letsintern first hand and she is sure she wants others to share her experience and do something fruitful in the future.

Lastly, do you have any tips for other students looking for good internships?

“I believe that it’s important to do some research about the company or the role you are applying for. Research helps you form a perspective about the task you are applying for. Having a perspective helps you identify how you can contribute to the organization. You need to be earnest regarding what you can deliver to them and be eager to learn”, says Vineeti before signing off.

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