Importance Of Defining An Internship Objective And What It Should Be

Importance Of Defining An Internship Objective And What It Should Be


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If you are lucky, you will land an internship that is structured and will have an internship objective ready for you. Alas, this does not apply to the majority of college internships where students have to work hard in getting them and then completing them successfully. An internship objective is beneficial in defining success, which is why you need it in the first place!

An internship objective defines the scope of the internship, what you wish to accomplish, and how you will get it done. This will give you a roadmap or process to work during your internship. But, the big question is what the internship objective should be?”

The best way to define an internship objective is by using the SMART process. This is a very popular framework that is used in defining objectives and goals, and can be easily applied to narrow down your internship goals –


1. Internship objective needs to be Specific

You need to define your internship objective to be specific and particular without any confusion or vagueness. For example, a vague internship objective would be

Complete an internship and learn how to market an app.’

Now, marketing is a wide niche, there are all sorts of marketing involved, and it’s probable that you cannot master all of it in the few weeks of your internship. Your internship objective should list out the exact thing you need to achieve. A good internship objective would be –

‘Learn the basics of digital marketing and an increase of app downloads 5X’

This gives you specific goals to achieve.


2. Internship objective needs to be Measurable

Following up on the above internship objective –

‘Learn the basics of digital marketing and increase of app downloads 5X’.

This objective gives you a clear, measurable goal of learning how to increase the app downloads five times. You can add other measurable goals to it, like mention a specific time duration, ‘increase downloads in four weeks’ which will also give you an additional parameter to judge your progress and success.

Only when your internship objective is measurable you can ensure that you are reaping internship benefits, else you will end up going to the office and coming back without any work done!


3. Internship objective has to be Attainable

Any internship objective needs to be possible and doable. You cannot just have an imaginary goal or super-challenging goal that will make you feel depressed for not accomplishing it!

For instance, the internship objective of 5X downloads is doable at the beginning stages. If your app is in the beginning stage where it has only 1,000 downloads, then you can quickly achieve it. However, if your goal is 10X or if your beginning stage itself is 100,000 downloads then these goals are practically overwhelming.


4. Internship objective needs to be Relevant

Internship goals have to be relevant to your course, job prospects, and industry. You cannot pursue an internship objective that is not relevant to your career goals.

For example, if you are working in an app development company and you are interested in the marketing of apps. You cannot have a goal of learning how to code unless you wish to be in coding.

You cannot lose your focus on what needs to be done for your career and what will be helpful to it.


5. Internship objective has to be Time-based

Time is crucial in college internships, and you barely get eight weeks to complete your internship. Most often, the first and last week is exhausted in preparation and planning, so all you have got is barely six weeks to finish your internship objective.

This is why you need to have a time frame for your accomplishment. Ensure that you give enough time to your internship objective and not rush it, else you will fail miserably!


Use these SMART steps to define your internship objective before you start the internship. This will ensure you are on the right path to success. Unsure of whether you have the right internship objective? Write your concern in the comments below, and we will respond to it.

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