“My Internship taught me how to network & manage large teams.” –...

“My Internship taught me how to network & manage large teams.” – Anthony, Campus Manager, Channel [V] Indiafest 2013


I had worked with a senior in college for generating college participation at Indiafest 2012, after which, I applied and then got a call from Letsintern to take the position of the Campus Manager of my college for the Indiafest 2013.  That was really great as the year before I had experienced how to handle the whole thing and therefore I was looking forward to play the role of the Campus Manager as I was aware that it would be a wonderful experience ahead.

As the Campus Manager of the college, I had to take care of student participation for the various events that were being organised at Indiafest 2013, arrange places for their rehearsals, work with the core committee for calling the participants from other colleges and cities and finally handle events on the Mumbai eliminations event day with the Channel [V] team.

The first thing that being a Campus Manager for Indiafest 2013 taught me was how to go about working in a team and that being calm and patient in whatever you do goes a long way. Apart from this, I learnt  taking key decisions as and when necessary, handling large teams of people at the same time and most importantly how to give your best shot to whatever it is that you take up.

The whole experience of working with the team at the office, planning and handling the events at the venue where I got to learn so much, was a memorable one. Internships help you majorly in networking. The contacts you build with countless people; the relationships you make with the students and participants can serve as a great help in the future.

I consider myself privileged to have had the great opportunity to work with such a good team especially when I got to witness our college win in six different categories at the Indiafest  2013 finale in Goa. It was great to see my senior Johanan in the core team, whom I had previously worked with.  He was a great help along with Akshath who  taught me to keep calm and sort everything out. Additionally, Sudeep, Daljeet, Suraj and the entire team was really amazing and co-operative.

I found my entire internship experience that lasted five months to be something I’d absolutely recommend to everybody. I got good learning and guidance. I learnt a lot, had fun, met some incredible people and overall it’ll always make me look back and smile. : ) 

Lastly, I just believe that you have to be the best among the rest or you just have to rest among the best.

Anthony D’Souza is a recent graduate from Bachelor’s in Management Studies from St. Andrews College, Mumbai.

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