4 Indians with the most creative resumes ever!

4 Indians with the most creative resumes ever!


After getting an amazing response on Eric’s Gandhi Resume that got him into Google and 5 creative resumes that got people interviews at Apple and other Top Companies, we decided to make the list a little more Indian- centric. Presenting to you, 4 Indians with the best visually creative resumes!

1. Preet Arjun Singh, Web Designer, DesignSingh.com:
“As a designer, I had to design one for myself justifying two areas I was equally passionate about – Design & Marketing,” says Preet Arjun Singh, who has over 4 years of experience in graphic designing, and has worked with clients from across Canada, Australia, New Zealand.He has also worked in the Education Sector in India including profiles in Business Development and Marketing. He also runs Karma Republic, a social enterprise which uses T-shirts and supporting merchandise as a medium to bring to the surface the inherent thought process of the youth of this nation.

2. Saransh Solanki, Student, BITS Pilani
As a Civil Engineering final year student, with a diploma in Fine Arts, Saransh considers himself an avid coder, with a love for graphic design, whose work is focused principally on UI, branding design and development. Curricular and academic achievements aside, he is a movie buff and a pop culture enthusiast. You can find more about him on his website here. For a bigger version of his resume, go here.

3. Manu Jain, Founder, Passkardo
Manu is a Creative Excel Dashboard Designer, who works as a Business analyst at Mu Sigma, where his work primarily revolves around analytics techniques, data, technologies and applications along with a combination of consultative first-principles-based thinking for problem definition and hypothesis-based approaches. He got an interview call from both Facebook and Google through his resume. For more of his work, check out his Behance profile. He is an alumnus of Malaviya National Institute Of Technology, Jaipur, where he studied Electrical Engineering.

4. Soumitra Saxena, Student, BITS Pilani

A student of studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at BITS, Pilani, Soumitra is also the Graphic Design Coordinator for the Department of Visual Design at his college. He was also the Technical Director Intern at Dreamworks Animation. You can see more of his work here.




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