#Inspiration Ahead: Career advice, the Moana way

#Inspiration Ahead: Career advice, the Moana way

You're applying for campus placement interviews, focussing on the semester and stepping up in life. Learn from the fearless Moana on the best ways to do so.


This is why Moana is inspiring us right now!

Never give up, never give in, like Moana on your career journey.

A week down into the New Year, life is finally moving back into the routine gear. You’re applying for campus placement interviews, focussing on the new semester and stepping up in life. However, if things are not going the way you had hoped they would, don’t fret. When things go down, all you need is a healthy dose of inspiration. And we found this with the latest woman of courage from the Disney fold – Moana.

While the real world is full of inspiring men and women, there is also the exciting world of fiction where characters can create a world of difference to your thoughts. Moana’s tale is like that – and these are the five takeaways you could take from her:

Don’t let inexperience stop you

Don't let inexperience hold you down. Be ready to head into the unknown.
Be ready to head into the unknown.

A job description can be so daunting that sometimes we tend to back off just reading the requirements! But internships and fresher jobs are meant to be challenging, they are meant to test your limits and push you to do your best.

Moana wasn’t prepared to sail a boat out to the ocean, but that didn’t stop her from taking on the challenge! She was hesitant but with the goal in mind, she decided to take the plunge and head straight out to the ocean.

Always learn on-the-job:

Experiential learning is the best way to learn and Moana followed it to the tee, she didn’t wait out on the island to learn how to sail but pushed Maui to teach her on their journey. Learning skills on the job is what an internship allows you do – without the pressures that come with a full-time job. It’s the best time to make mistakes and learn that is exactly what Moana did! She failed, she fell but ultimately she learned.

Trust your mentor:

moana 2

In an information overladen world, it should be easy to find your way but yet, there is always a need for the experience of a mentor. Moana completely trusted Maui to lead the way to save the world, she looked upon him as her mentor and trusted not just her life but that of the entire civilization. It is always a good idea to trust a knowledgeable mentor, it could be a teacher or parent or even a friend who will guide you properly towards a goal.

Keep Experimenting:

Moana knew the only way to reach her goal was through the lava monster, she knew it couldn’t trespass water and wound her way through the pass in the water. Knowledge from Maui told her that there was no way they could go on, but her instinct told her to experiment and she did! Companies often hire youngsters to infuse new energy into the company; it is up to freshers to use these opportunities effectively to create an impact in the organisation.

Forget fear and Step up:

Be fearless.
Be fearless.

Fear takes down the best of us, at the worst of times. Moana was not scared of the Lava monster, when she realized she had to place the stone at the core of the monster!

She pushed through and prevailed, knowing her strengths and using her resources. She sang to the monster and beckoned the sea to do her bidding. In an office environment freshers face resistance and are in an unfamiliar territory but the best way to tackle uncertainty is to face it head on.

Life may not be a Disney musical but it certainly can be a lot of fun! Get inspiration from other success stories here! You could even become one yourself here.




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