Intern? 6 Things that you need to take care of

Intern? 6 Things that you need to take care of

If you want the employer to take you seriously, you need to take the job seriously.


Internship hacksa

You’ve made it through the tedious resume round, cleared the interview table and landed that internship or fresher job. However, this is just the beginning – the next task is to ensure that you to maintain that internship and convert into a job.


It is understandable if things are not working out as you expected them to. However, complaining about it during an internship is not how you should be going about to fix it. Speaking to your manager would be a good idea, though you should frame your queries well. This suggestion from Anu Vaidyanathan can help.


Often we develop good relations with our managers however it is important to note when a line should be drawn. Sharing too much can not only lead to uncomfortable conversations and situations but also gives an impression that you are not one to keep the two lives different. It can also be a major deterrent when it comes to time management.


If you are not certain about how a task needs to be done, research about it. If that does not help either then ask for help. Even if you are “almost” sure, take the extra step to be certain about it. Do not assume. This may lead you to do your work the wrong way.

Not taking an initiative

Make sure you are taking up work apart from your profile. Offer to help in any way that you can. Just because you are an intern does not mean you can wait for someone to come and give you a task and you should not do anything unless when told.

Leave for another internship

There have been instances when interns have, within a week or two of an internship, left and taken up another internship because of various reasons. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make as an intern. Take up an internship only if you are certain about it else do not commit. It is extremely unprofessional to leave an internship in the middle, unless you find yourself in these circumstances.

Get the basics right

The tiny little things like dressing appropriately, respecting your superiors, coming in time etc are extremely important and you need to ensure you have these right at all times. Making these things a habit right from the start can help you a long way in your professional life.




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