Intern-worthy skills: How to be a problem-solver

Intern-worthy skills: How to be a problem-solver

Here, we turn the tables around, talking about intern-worthy skills - which can ensure that you manage to grab the choicest internships of the season.


You can also develop these highly coveted intern-worthy skills.
You can also develop these highly coveted intern-worthy skills.

The importance of doing internships during or immediately after your course work has been emphasized enough. While internships are a runway on which your career can take off, most concentrate on what they expect them to deliver. Here, we turn the tables  around, talking about intern-worthy skills – which can ensure that you manage to grab the choicest internships of the season.

To begin, most employers also expect something from you. Since they are spending capital and resources on you, they are bound to do so. You might not have expertise in your work yet, but there are some qualities that companies look for in their interns.

And one quality that tops the list is that of being a problem solver. There are basically two reasons for the same:

1. Companies prefer solution oriented candidates, those who brainstorm and are able to come out with a key rather than waiting for others to do so. It is expected more out of interns because they are supposed to come up with new and innovative ideas.

Moreover, a major part of their job as an intern is just that.

2. Building on point (1), problem solvers contribute more to the business than passive workers. The company isn’t going to take you as an intern solely for your benefit, it’s a two way process to which you need to contribute.

Developing Intern-worthy skills in problem solving:

Now, if you are soon to apply or start with your internship, how do you work towards being a real problem-solver ahead of your internship?

Let’s start from the start:

1. Self-analyse

Before you do anything in the direction of being a problem-solver, self-analyse if you are already one. Ask yourself questions on past instances. Are you the one who come up with solution during a group project? How do you manage your work-load during extreme situations? Do you quit or keep on working towards finding solution to a given problem?

Once you have answered these, you will know how much you need to work towards being a real-problem solver.

2. Positive Bend of Mind:

To solve any problem, you need to have a positive attitude towards the problem. Don’t think that it’s impossible. Rather, start off with the attitude that there certainly is a solution and you will find it somehow!

3. Seeking Solutions

Surely, only attitude won’t take you places. There needs to be a hierarchy or process which needs to be followed to reach a certain conclusion. In order to find out a solution, you need to identify the problem first.

Arrange the situation in order, compare and contrast it with other problems related to it, evaluate different possible solutions, and then finally select the one that you think to be the best. Creative thinking plays a very important role in all this.

4. Team Work:

Being a problem solver doesn’t only mean being self-sufficient. The work environment is new for you and therefore you won’t be expected to come out with a solution all on your own but to work actively with your team to find solution to a given crisis.

Therefore, the key to being a good problem solver for an intern is to be a good team player. Learn not only to work together but to motivate those around you to bring out a great collective result as a team.

These qualities are not only for your job or internship, but also need to be practised in your college/academics regularly. That’s how you learn and more importantly, that’s how you would be able to project your problem solving qualities in your resume to get a desired internship in India.