International Magazine GQ gets impressed with this guy’s creative resume. Hires him...

International Magazine GQ gets impressed with this guy’s creative resume. Hires him without an interview!


Sumukh Mehta had recently completed his Bachelor’s from College of Management Studies, Jain University, and was scouting for work opportunities, when he decided to take a different route, than the rest of his peers.

“In today’s competitive world, everything is just so difficult that you need to be creative if you really want to make things work and that’s what I did,” he explains. In 2015, Sumukh started Your Pitch, through which he helped job-seekers around him, by converting their traditional paper resume, into a creative info-graphic one, that got more attention from recruiters. “After making 160 info-graphic resumes professionally for MBA graduates, I made my [own resume] to apply for the post of Marketing at World’s leading men’s magazine Gentlemen’s Quarterly, also known as GQ,” he explains.

The twenty-page resume featured below, is modeled after the original GQ Magazine, took him 3 weeks to complete, and required photo-shoots, content writing and graphic designing. His efforts impressed Editor-in-Chief of British GQ, Dylan Jones, who extended him an offer to come work at their London office, without any interview process.

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4 5Among his wide array of internship experience, that he accumulated during this college life, he worked with the Letsintern team on pivotal campaigns for leading brands like Vogue Eyewear(Project Manager: Jan’15-Feb’15), Viber(Senior Cluster Manager: September’14-November’14), and Dell(Campus Ambassador: July’14-August’14). This reinforces our belief of #startyoung – something that we encourage all college students to do, by getting internships early on. This not only gives you a chance to acquaint yourself with the professional world, and find the industry you want to work in, in the future, but also bumps up your resume with prior work experience, to impress the potential recruiters with. After all, with the cut-throat competition out there, having a degree is just not enough!

We wish Sumukh all the best for his upcoming stint at GQ, and for all his future endeavors.

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