Interning abroad this season? Here are 6 things you need to know!

Interning abroad this season? Here are 6 things you need to know!

Find out all you need to know about discovering international internships.


Lets InternYou can go overseas, acquire real-work experience and get paid for an international internship. Travel abroad this summer with other college travel enthusiasts and have all your logistics coordinated for you such as meals, housing, weekend events, and transportation and guaranteed internship apprenticeships through various sources. You have a huge opportunity to combine both your passion of travelling with a chance to douse yourself in the culture you desire.

Benefits of Intern Programs Abroad:

1. Cost-Savings: If you are looking to study and become an intern, it’s cheaper to find programs on your own. However, there are agencies out there at fairly reasonable prices that can help you as well. Either way, you can be working internationally in no time and enjoy the cost savings associated with it.

2. Networking: By conducting an internship search, you can explore ways to build relationships with other people in your chosen field which could include your potential employer. Regardless if you get the internship or not, you still have that essential contact for future reference. Also, these contacts can be of assistance to you by referring you to people inside their own networks that could be hiring for internships.

3. Future Career Preparation: Prepare for your future job by gaining the skills and experience you need after you return home from traveling abroad.

How to Find Abroad International Internship:

1. Hire an Agency: Although this option could get a little pricey, it’s still the easiest way to find an internship abroad after you are done with your studying. Keep in mind, however, that you will still be responsible for your accommodations, travel expenses, food and everything else. Do your research well if you plan on going through an agency. You don’t want to find yourself in the hinterlands of Malaysia.

2. Do your Own Intern Research: As mentioned, it’s less expensive to do your search on your own. It is a great deal of work; no question about that, but after you accomplish it, you will feel great knowing you found it all on your own. You need to persevere if you are going this route. In some cases, you might email over 50 companies and only hear back from 12 with only 1 actually being able to accommodate you. It is definitely a process and your college professor should teach you the strategies of this.

3. Follow up with Potential Employers: You should send an email or call potential employers post interviews around 10 days afterwards. You want to inquire about the interviewing timeline and ensure them of your continued interest. You should be pleasant, but persistent.

Just about every company is looking for interns. Most are looking for graduates with good speaking English and if possible anyone in technical fields which is in high demand (sciences, math, business, engineering). If you meet this type of criteria, it shouldn’t take you long to grab that international internship and be well on your way. Keep an eye out for other vital tips for internship abroad opportunities.