Internship hacks: 4 super qualities startups hunt for in an intern

Internship hacks: 4 super qualities startups hunt for in an intern

Use these perfect internship hacks to be the next perfect intern for startups!


Letsintern is here with one of the great internship hacks, yet again! Out of all the awesome internship hacks, today we will tell you how to be the most desirable intern for a startup. How, do you ask? We let you know what all super easy qualities you ought to have (or develop) in order to be the superb intern. Keep perusing for the the-perfect-intern recipe. Drink it!

1. Your Peculiarity: Your Thought Process

Startups want the best of your creativity. When you do land your internship, your mission is to add as much value as possible to your start-up. Any and all businesses are nothing but a perfect physical manifestation of someone’s idea. Ideas in their crude forms are mere thoughts. And like every one out there, you too have a peculiar thought process. Use that to your advantage! You have a highly functional brain for a reason. Identify that and get going! If it doesn’t come together on the first try, try again. Then, try again. Come at it from a different angle. Experiment and don’t give up after your first few tries. Commit to finding the solution and you are the next star intern.

2. Excellent Work Ethics

A super intern for a startup is expected to work until the project is done. Yes, that’s a general notion. However, it is about the quality. Therefore, put in your 100 percent. You are only going to be benefitted with this. But, mostly, a start-up internship isn’t a 9-5 deal. As a start-up intern, your job is to help take some of the workloads off of the rest of your team. And to accomplish this, you need to have strong work ethics.

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3. Your Communication Skills

Communicate. Communicate! You might not even know this, but lots and lots of people fail in this. It is great to have great ideas, but where will your ideas go if you can’t express them effectively? If you can’t communicate in today’s rushed times, forget success! For example, you absolutely cannot leave your assignment statuses up to the assumptions of others. Not communicating implies incomplete tasks. If you’re stuck or you’ve made progress but haven’t completed a task, report back to the person who assigned it to you with an update. This can be as simple as an email that communicates a project status. If you don’t communicate, the assumption might be you’re either not good at a given task, or worse, you’re irresponsible or not interested. So, before the world makes assumptions about your professional conduct, communicate and learn how to!

4. The Magic Of Thinking Before Asking

Yes, it is perfectly fine to have queries and ask questions. However, there’s this super amazing, easy-to-use, free tool called Google and if you can use it to get a particular answer don’t ask. Be quick to think and slow to ask. This is where creative problem-solving comes into play. Keep in mind that in today’s world, you aren’t expected to figure everything out for yourself, but you are expected to think for yourself! So, put your mind into play!

You must also possess this mindset that whatever you are contributing towards the startup accounts for your growth as well! Paid or unpaid or whatever internship yours is, make sure you love it. Only then you’d be able to throw your best efforts. Your dedication shall talk for itself. Also, never ever take anything for granted.

With these internship hacks, we are pretty sure that you’d be one of those super interns. Incorporate these internship hacks today and be the perfect intern cut-out!

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