Internship Myths You Need To Break Away From Right Now

Internship Myths You Need To Break Away From Right Now


internship myths

There are many facts about internships, which the interns have a wrong connotation about. Many internship myths float around and in return, can prove to be disastrous for you as an intern. It may ruin your internship experience and make you feel hopeless.

In actuality, internships are one of the best ways to enter any field and see if it suits you or not. They expose you to the roughness and smoothness of any profession. And, they are a great addition to your resume.

Additionally; internship opportunities help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and provide space to work on them.


So, before you too fall prey to such false information, let us take a look at the internship myths you should totally discard and the facts about internships you should hold on to.


‘Interns’ are casual positions

This is one of the biggest myths people have about internships. Thinking that, as an intern, you can behave unprofessionally because you are just an intern and not a permanent employee, is the biggest mistake you can make.

Coming late to the office, not following the dress code, and using social media during office hours are a few of the examples of a unprofessional behavior.

Interns fail to understand that their position holds certain seriousness and this can hamper them in the long run.

As an intern, you are an integral part of the company. You might just be doing data entry but every contribution matters to the company. If it didn’t, they won’t be wasting time and resources on you.

Behave professionally, leave behind your fun college lifestyle, and do the work with some gravity.


Internships mean a sure shot at the job

Another internship myth- “after completing my internship, I will get fulltime employment.”

That may or may not be true, and is completely at the discretion of the company; and your work as an intern.

Interning with a company does not mean that you will be given a full-time job afterward.

An internship can turn into a pre-placement offer but there is no guarantee of it. It depends on the company’s policies and their requirements.

You can intern with some company and may get a job somewhere else using the same experience.

However, keep away from false imaginations of what the future will hold for you. That will only upset you if it does not play out how you wanted it to.


Unpaid internships or volunteering is useless

No, they are not!

Any experience, whether it is paid or unpaid internship, volunteering work, fellowship, or a summer job, all holds importance for you and your career. And, they all are a worthy addition to have in your resume.

Many NGO internships don’t really pay well or pay at all but you can learn a great deal by working with them. Similarly, many other unpaid opportunities can prove to be fruitful for you in the future.

Although there are conversations about ethics of an unpaid work, you can still do it if you feel it will help you in your professional journey.


Intern only with an established company

In the world of startups, having this mindset is completely wrong. Yes, interning with an established and known company will surely boost your resume, but the same goes for interning with lesser known companies.

They can also help you land a great full-time job, gain new skills, or experiences.

In addition, working with a smaller company means exposing yourself to a variety of different tasks. These tasks may or may not be related to your field but the all-round exposure will add great weight to your profile.


Internships can be really fun while being a great learning experience. They are the perfect stepping-stone you need to enter the professional workplace and experience the reality.

An amalgamation of fun, learning, and still being professional during your internship tenure can yield great results. An experience, which you will love to hold close to yourself for a long time.

So, forget the internship myths holding you back and go all out to experience the best of the interning phase. Grab that summer internship you always wanted but didn’t because it didn’t pay well or boost your career with an unpaid internship.

The point is, forget the myths and build a resume your career will be proud of.