Internship Quiz: Are you the perfect Digital Marketing intern cut-out?

Internship Quiz: Are you the perfect Digital Marketing intern cut-out?

Take this digital internship quiz to know if you really are the perfect Digital Marketing intern!


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A career in digital marketing is a very lucrative option today, given the explosion of the options of conducting business online. A Digital Marketing intern would know that very well. It is a wide field with plenty scope. Hence, you may have to pick an area or two in which to specialize, though it’s helpful to know something about everything. A few fields include search engine marketing/pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing among others.

If you are interested in establishing a career in any of the above fields but don’t know which way to proceed or that should you even proceed? Take this internship quiz and get to know if you are the perfect Digital Marketing Intern, ready to explore this digital market and have an excellent career!

 1. How often do you publish blog posts?

  • A. What’s a blog?
  • B. We post on our website once in a while
  • C. We regularly blog on our own website and others
2. What other types of content do you produce?
  • A. We only produce blogs and social media posts
  • B. Aside from blog and social media content, we have a podcast
  • C. We have a podcast and Youtube channel, on top of blogging and social media

3. How do you promote the content you produce?

  • A. We share our content on our social media channels
  •  B. We post to social media and use paid advertising to send people to our content.
  • We post on social media, use paid advertising, and email influencers in our niche to ask them to share our content with their audience

4. How do you measure the results of the content you publish?

  • We don’t measure the effectiveness of our content
  • We keep an eye on our website traffic and engagement on social media, including how many people are sharing our content
  • We monitor multiple metrics like website traffic growth, email list growth, leads generated, and revenue per email subscriber, using a combination of web analytics tools

5. Have you installed Google and/or Facebook re-marketing pixels on your website?

  • No, what’s a re-marketing pixel?
  • No, we have not installed either of them
  • We have installed one or both of these pixels
 6. Do you offer exclusive content as an incentive to get people to subscribe to your mailing list?

  • No, we just ask them to subscribe to our newsletter
  • We have one piece of exclusive content we offer all readers
  • We have multiple content offers that vary depending on the reader

Checked them all? Here are the results:

Mostly As – Maybe your talents lie elsewhere.

Mostly Bs – Yes, you’re on the right track!

Mostly Cs – You’re definitely a digital marketing intern cut-out! However, you should apply for a digital marketing internship the next semester you are free! Whatever knowledge you have should be put to some good use.

Do you think you have it in you? Let us know what your views are in the comments below. For more college lifesuccess tips and internship postingsstay tuned to the blog. Post your queries, opinions, and suggestions in the comments section below.