Internship Resume Writing Guide For The Uninitiated

Internship Resume Writing Guide For The Uninitiated


Internship Resume
Know how to write a winning internship resume.

Getting a good internship can play a crucial role in ensuring that you land a great job. However, getting the right internship is not always a piece of cake. To get the internship you have always dreamt of, you need to ensure that your internship resume is up to the mark and can hold the attention of the recruiters.

And, to do so, you would need the help of these internship resume writing tips. So, dig in…

Have a grand opening

The Pima Dona of your internship resume is your resume objective. As such, it needs to be strong and impressive. It should tell the recruiter what you can bring to the table and how much you can help the company achieve its goal.

Sadly, many people mistake the resume objective as a means to tell the recruiter what they want from the job and what their expectations are. And unless and until you have not proven yourself to be an ideal candidate for the job, your wants and expectations are the last things that the company would be concerned about.

So, fashion your career objective in such a manner that it includes your character traits, skills and abilities, and hooks the interviewer in.

Tailor your internship resume

One resume doesn’t and cannot fit all. So, tailor your internship resume accordingly. Look closely at the internship description and include or highlight points which you think would add to your candidature. Read up on what the company’s goals are and see if you can align yours accordingly.

You can also include a ‘relevant experience’ section in your internship resume. This section should talk about previous internships, skill certifications, projects and coursework – everything related and relevant to the internship you are applying for.

Focus on the education section

As a student, you might not have a lot to show on your internship resume. As such, your education section should be well crafted and further your candidature.

Include the name of the college and university, along with the marks you scored. Include any honours or awards that you might have in your name. Include extracurricular activities in your resume, especially those which will show your enthusiasm and leadership skills.

Recruiters look for signs of soft-skills in your resume – leadership skills, good communication skills, problem-solving skills. Soft skills can set your internship resume apart from your peers and help you bag the opportunity.

Quantify things

Even if you don’t have a lot to say, avoid fluff and include relevant points in your internship resume. Also, try and quantify things whenever you can. Include numbers and information that can be backed up with facts. Talk about percentages and successful achievements.

Making generalised statements on your resume won’t get you anywhere with the recruiters, especially if you want to intern for your dream company.

Ensure your resume is readable

Your resume needs to not only be factually and grammatically correct, but it should also be easy to read. So, before you send in your resume, read and re-read or ask one of your friends to check it against any errors.

Try to stick to any particular font which isn’t too loud. Of course, you can experiment with colours in your resume but don’t overdo it. The same goes with using keywords. Your resume should not feel forced in any way and flow seamlessly from one topic to another. Read: 6 Ways to Proof-read your internship resume

Your internship resume is your professional story told in reverse chronological order. You need to ensure that you are drawing the recruiter in and not pushing them away with silly mistakes. If you are new to resume writing, then this brief internship resume writing guide will help you understand the key points that you need to keep in mind.

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