My 4 internships in 2 years and what I learnt: Aparna, from...

My 4 internships in 2 years and what I learnt: Aparna, from Symbiosis.


As a part of our curriculum, our college, Symbiosis, requires us to undertake an internship at the end of every semester. Therefore as a part of my first and second internship which were ‘NGO and development sector based’, I worked at the following wonderful organizations.

1. Teach for India, popularly referred to as TFI, a project of Teach To Lead, is a nationwide movement of outstanding college graduates and young professionals who commit two-years to teach full-time in under resourced schools and who become lifelong leaders working from within various sectors towards the pursuit of equity in education. 

As a full-time volunteer with Teach for India, for a month, I was required to be involved with the classroom activities, helping the children with studies, preparing study aids, report class, remedial classes, etc. None of that was my field’s specialization, but, it taught me several things. On my last day, the kids wrote 5 sentences describing the time time they spent with me and I’ve kept those pages till date. It reminds me of the love and warmth I received throughout that period, and how a good education meant so much to those children.

SOS Children’s Villages of India:  I worked as a volunteer with  SOSCVI for 6 weeks and my main job included teaching children through fun activities, counseling and also advising them with their career related issues. I got to know about the this internship through a senior who had worked here before and described the work experience as being a wonderful one. Apart from this I was in charge of the cultural department for their annual day and taught kids to dance and prepared them for the event.

Dealing with children in the first two internships has taught me ‘patience’ which I feel is required in every field of work and every occupation there is. It was something new and I am glad I did those internships.

Samarpan Foundation: My father suggested the third organization to me. I researched further about the organization and was impressed with their ideologies and past work. Therefore, I chose to work for them. As it has been a very short time since my association with this organization, I will not be in a position to describe the kind of work I will be pursuing. However, at the moment  I am designing posters and flyers for their child sponsorship program and calling corporates for sponsorships.

Omnizient Labs: I discovered this internship through Letsintern. I found their description of work and the job role very interesting, hence went ahead and applied. The company is based in Delhi and I am working as a virtual intern for them from Pune. As a Research Associate, I am required to write a report every week based on the topic assigned to me by the organization. I read up, research and then do the needful. The virtual internship that I have undertaken has taught me to be ‘curious’.  I think research is all about the curiosity and the inquisitiveness to know more. Every topic that I write about, I learn so much about its various aspects. It’s incredible!

I won’t say that I had  a particular ‘wow’ moment in any of my internships, however one thing is certain that all my bosses were extremely happy with my work, and so was I. I focused on completing the tasks assigned to me and gave it my best shot. It makes me happy when my seniors are satisfied with my work. The challenge lies is how I can do things differently, everyday. If I can crack that and find an innovative solution and approaches to all my jobs and thereafter execute it with dedication, I think I’d be close to it.

Apart from that, the constant encouragement and appreciation for my work from all my employers in all my internships have been memorable. They motivated me to work hard and achieve targets. I consider myself extremely lucky to have such amazing bosses during all my internships *touch wood*! All of them have been a source of inspiration and have been extremely understanding and considerate. I think without their constant support and guidance I would not have been able to complete my tasks with efficiency. So, thank you so much bosses!

Lastly, I think every internship is different and so is the experience & learning you gain from them.

Aparna Nandkeolyar is pursuing her Bachelor’s in Mass Media from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications.

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