Internship Story: Read How This Intern Used Her Theoretical Knowledge

Internship Story: Read How This Intern Used Her Theoretical Knowledge

Kamalini Khara applied her theoretical knowledge for the best practical use in her HR internship in Abha Innovation. Read her internship story.


Internship Story
Internship Story: Abha Innovation

Kamalini Khara is an MBA student of HR specialization. Read her internship story where she incorporated her theoretical knowledge in the practical tasks. Kamalini has keen interests in meeting and working with new people and new places. As I am a fresher so I have a lot of enthusiasm to work in an organization. but before working in a big organization I want to qualify myself to the great extent so joined in a company for my internship. as an MBA student In my institute, I have to go under a summer internship project in my course period. so this is the reason for this internship.

Before working in a big organization I wanted to qualify myself to a great extent. So, I joined in a company for my internship.

My Internship Story: Abha Innovation Pvt. Ltd

 Q. What were you looking for in your internship?

As a fresher, Kamalini showcased a lot of enthusiasm into her internship. She says, “I did my internship in Abha Innovation Pvt. Ltd. Koraput, Odisha. It is a social enterprise which serves the underserved people with its innovative idea of solar light. ABHA provides clean energy access to B-o-P by customizing and integrating solar systems for home lighting, for schools, hospitals and standalone systems for carpenters, potters, photo studio to empower livelihoods through energy. It offers internship a Marketing Internship in Human Resource Management and Finance. During my internship, I expected to learn how my theories that I studied can actually work practically”.

I also drafted some exit interview and feedback format, design an organogram.

“I was looking for an internship which provided me practical knowledge of the theory which I studied in my institute and gave me the knowledge of the functioning of a company”.

Q. How many internships did you apply to before getting shortlisted? 

Before Kamalini got shortlisted, she applied for 2 more internships.

Q. Would you recommend Letsintern to others? If yes, Why? 

“Of course, yes. It gives the vast bucket of internships for internship hunters and job seekers”.

Q. In the end, do you have any tips that can help other students in getting a good internship?

As Kamalini is a successful intern, she suggests for her fellow aspirants to be prepared before going to the company. She focuses on educating yourself.

Inspired much by Kamalini’s internship story? You too can write your own success story by choosing the internship that helps you grow as a person and teaches you the practical aspect of life. From virtual internships to summer internships, you can choose any to write your own success story. Stay tuned for more updates!

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