Internship Tips – How To Improve Your Chance Of Getting An Internship

Internship Tips – How To Improve Your Chance Of Getting An Internship


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Getting an internship is tougher than undergoing the internship itself! But every student should go through an internship experience to get work experience and a glimpse of professional life.

To make the process of landing an internship easier for you we have listed out internship tips.

Start following these tips few months in advance for when you want it and within no time you will get yourself an internship and start reaping the benefits of internships.


  • Leverage social media – Recently a young woman lost an internship with NASA after posting unsavory tweets to a space legend, Homer Hickam. It was a lesson to all young students that they need to be on their civil best even on social media! One of the most valuable internship tips you will ever receive is to ensure you have a clean social media presence. Also, you can follow hashtags on social media to look out for internship opportunities increasing your chances of getting an internship.


  • Start undertaking side-projects and volunteer work – Among the many benefits of internships is the work experience you will gain, however there is another way to gain this that will also increase your chances of getting internships. You need to start doing side projects related to your industry or function that will give you an opportunity to display your skills. You can also sign up for volunteer work with NGOs etc which will showcase initiative.


  • Keep networking – Searching and applying for internships is the usual way of getting an internship. However one of the most underrated internship tips is to utilise your network. In college your network consists of friends, college professors, family, and seniors. Make sure you let everyone know you are looking for an internship and keep in touch, very likely they may come up with something exciting for you!


  • Get certifications and skills – As a student the only way you can showcase your abilities and skills is via your academic marks and certifications. Today there are many online and offline where you can improve your skills and learn new skills and get certified. This is, in fact, one of our popular internship tips as it will directly help you make an attractive resume and also contribute to your professional development.


  • Participate in extra-curricular activities – Many students believe that getting an internship is only for the academically inclined and you can’t have an internship if you are interested in other activities. But that is a myth! Today, you can gain internships in almost any field that will lead to a variety of careers. So keep pursuing interesting extra-curricular activities that will become a talking point on your resume and also keep your stress-free in your college life and who knows you may end up getting an interesting internship thanks to it!


  • Prepare a resume – This is the first step to take in the process of applying for an internship. One of the best internship tips we can give you is that you should prepare your resume at least six months prior to the internship interview. This will give you enough time to create a resume and edit it several times. And whenever necessary you can just send it off to prospective recruiters without wasting time.
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  • Prepare for the interview – One of the top internships tips is to be prepared for a personal interview. Many students do last minute preparation like for everything and then fail to land their dream internship which can be disappointing. Start preparing early so that by the time you actually get an interview call you will be confident to face anything.


  • Follow up on the prospective internships – Don’t start implementing all these internships tips and then suddenly stop them because nothing is working out! These are all an ongoing process and will eventually help your career too. You need to follow up on your networks, keep using social media appropriately, preparing for interviews and eventually also following up on prospective employees where you have given internships. Get feedback from them and keep communicating with them now and then. That way they will not forget your candidature and call you whenever an opening arises!

Did you like these internship tips? Don’t worry too much about implementing all of them, start with a couple of them and watch the difference it makes in your internship journey. Looking for more such internship tips, then follow our blog here.