Internship Trends – 6 Industries Which Tend To Hire Interns The Most

Internship Trends – 6 Industries Which Tend To Hire Interns The Most


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We’ll take it that, since you are here, you have decided to take up an internship.

An internship is a perfect combination of learning with professionalism. It not only exposes you to new things, but adds value to your CV and directly impacts your career. A meaningful internship can open numerous avenues for you. You will learn and raise yourself up with each passing day.

If you follow the latest internship trends, you’d find that there are a few industries which tend to hire interns the most than the rest.

The reason being that few industries do have space and economy for accommodating more interns than others.

According to this LinkedIn article, latest internship trends highlight the fact that few industries tend to hire more interns and provide full time job opportunity later on.

Curious about which are these industries? We bring you 6 of such industries that follow the latest internships trends and tend to hire interns the most:


Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Not surprising to see it as one of the top industry, which hires most of the interns. Healthcare is a booming industry and one, which will never die off. Hospitals are flourishing, so are healthcare startups.

In a never-ending industry, there is ample space to hire interns and secure the future of healthcare sector.

Not only medical students but also students from other streams are hired to look after other departments.

Medical students work with the doctors and patients, whereas other students work with the maintenance department to maintain and sustain other non-med departments.

And with a number of healthcare startups mushrooming in the last half a decade or so, these internship trends are only getting more valid.


Financial Services and Insurance

One of the top industry to hire interns the most, financial services and Insurance is a thriving industry to look upon as future employers.

Accounting, one of the key aspect of financial market hires interns at every level and trains them to bring out proficient accountants. Banking too hires interns on many levels while charted accountants require trainee and interns frequently.



Who can miss out on the most exciting and blossoming industry; the technology industry?

Today, every and anything is getting online.

Social media platforms, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning, all are prospering in today’s world and will surely take over the future.

It is no surprise to see it as one of the topmost industry following the latest internship trends. The future of tomorrow is being secured by training the youth of present. Technology is here to thrive and stay.


Media and Entertainment

One of the most enjoyable industry to work in as an intern. Media and entertainment is a huge industry, always adding more to a country’s GDP, and providing employment to hundreds of people. They are always looking for the youth to work with them and come up with exciting and unique ideas.

A continuous thriving industry, Media and Entertainment are a source of non-stop full-time and part-time employment.



Governments hire interns in every department to help state-city and board heads work. Internship with the government has risen up recently and the government now seriously considers hiring youth or old and bringing a fresh perspective to the table.

Same goes for education and non-profit industry. They both are not financially sound and hence have a huge requirement of interns to complete work and help them move forward.


Architecture and Engineering

Every third person today is an engineer in some specialization. It is no wonder why this follows the latest internship trends and tends to hire most interns.

Also, both these industries have several small industries within them and different fields, which can easily accommodate a huge number of interns.

Before thinking to intern, give attention to which industry you are entering. Some industries hire more whereas some hire very less. An industry with more openings can give you ample space to learn and thrive.




  1. Sorry, but Im a B.pharm fresher and I have sent no of emails to Pharma companies and nobody replied for the intern programme can you tell which company is hiring intern?

    • Hi Bhuvneshwari,

      Currently, there are no intern openings with pharma firms. You can subscribe to LetsIntern for latest updates.