Internships For MBA Students In Hyderabad

Internships For MBA Students In Hyderabad


internships for MBA students

In the last couple of decades, Hyderabad has come up as an important center of trade and industry. The city is not only popular among job aspirants but also offers valuable internships for MBA students among others.

Internships for MBA students are available in most of the industries as there is a need for analysis, marketing, and other aspects that form a good administration and facilitates good management of the business. Students can look for internships in their specialization subject or choose to divert to gain experience.

If you are a MBA student and looking for internships in Hyderabad, you might want to have a look at the following opportunities open for applications currently:



Undoubtedly, it is one of the most desired companies that freshers want to get into. If you are lucky enough and work hard enough, it can increase your opportunities of getting a fresher job there as well.

The application for summer internships 2019 in Google will be open from August 2018 itself. The selection process includes an online assessment followed by a face-to-face interview.

The interns are trained in disciplines including business strategy, finance, marketing, operations, sales, product management, or technical solutions. Google gives a preference to final year students who have an experience in any of the fields and possess required soft skills to do the internship.

Wildcraft India Private Limited

Wildcraft India is offering internships for MBA students in customer service profile at their Hyderabad; and other offices.

The skills required are the bare minimum and the work requires conducting retail audits, report, compile, and shared results an observations to their respective seniors.

You can directly apply to Wildcraft internships by registering at Letsintern.


Cue Learn

Cue Learn is a newly developed project which enables mathematics teachers around the country to develop digital centers.

It is one of the most unique internships for MBA students where the intern will be responsible for helping teachers grow their centers and conduct market research by getting in touch with customers.

Incubating new centers is also one of the jobs capable interns are supposed to do. The internship is paid and some basic skills are required for eligibility.



Imbuedesk is a student-oriented start-up that’s looking for business development interns. There are benefits of interning in a start-up. You are trusted with the job entirely and even get to try your hands at other tasks, if interested.

Moreover, the organization is willing to shell out 15,000 to 50,000INR for performance-based internships, which is quite a lucrative stipend for an internship in India.


Levi Strauss India Private Limited

Levi is an American clothing brand which has a good market in India as well. The company is offering internships for MBA students in their sales department at Hyderabad office.

If your specialization discipline is related to sales or you want to have some hands-on experience there, it is a good opportunity to look for.

Product training from the scratch will be provided by the company as a part of your internship.



If you are looking for internships in Hyderabad, there are hundreds of other opportunities available and reachable just at a click.

Registering at letsintern opens up all these internship opportunities for you and enables you to apply directly for these internships without going through the hassles of doing it manually and individually.

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