5 types of invigilators you see in every exam!

5 types of invigilators you see in every exam!


Invigilators are probably the most important part of our exams. Sitting in a closed room with others of our kin waiting for our impending doom invigilators are probably our only source of sanity (or insanity) in those three hours.

Here are five types of invigilators we might love or hate but just can’t ignore (not that we have an option).

The Watchful Protector:
You are writing your exam, probably the toughest one by far, you look up from your answer sheet to gulp in a moment of relief and you don’t see the usual face in the front of the room. Where is the invigilator? Is h/she not in the room? Does this mean an opportunity to cheat?

In that ecstatic moment you turn around to see if anyone else has noticed the missing invigilator and…yup. There he is. At the very end of the classroom waiting for someone to make that one wrong move. Like Batman.

The Talkative One:
The last five minutes of the exam are the most crucial ones. No matter how much you write in those three hours, you will remember the most important stuff only in those last five minutes. They are a mix of cramming words here and there and trying to make sense out of them. If you are unlucky though you will face that one invigilator who decides to make all important announcements in those five minutes and constantly remind you that there are only five minutes left. Now four…three…two…and that’s how it goes.

The Sarcastic One:
This one is probably the most typical DU professor. H/She knows nobody has studied for the exam and constantly reminds you of this fact by some very unsubtle sarcastic remarks like –
“Kya hua? Aadhi sheet se zyaada nahi likh rahe?”
“Sone aao ho yahan? So jao, so jao…we don’t have an issue”

Um, why did you wake me up then?

The Curious Ones:
They are probably the most annoying kind. The ones who will stand on your shoulder and read every word you write so more than thinking about what you write you are worrying about what the teacher is thinking about what you write.

Worst part, they don’t even help out.

The Sleepy Ones:
They don’t care. They probably hate you for this stupid invigilation. So they walk in, do their basic duty and sleep. Sometimes, literally.

This article was written by Isheeta Sharma for our partner DU Beat

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