Is Internship Compulsory For Engineering Students?

Is Internship Compulsory For Engineering Students?


Internship for engineering students
Internship for engineering students.

Back in 2017, it was proposed that three college internships should be made compulsory for all engineering students. And, this thought gained voice again in 2019 with AICTE Chairman Anil D Sahasrabudhe underscoring the importance of it.

According to a news report carried by the Times of India in June 2018, “94% of IT students not fit for hiring.” Companies generally try to find their ideal candidate among the 6% percent, while the rest are left to settle down for jobs they are not particularly satisfied with.

And, this negative trend is there because the focus of the engineering students, parents and even teachers is on the marks scored by the students in their semester examinations. Real-world working skills take a back seat and are not given much importance until it is too late. And, that is why, an internship is really, really compulsory for all engineering students.

Industry-institute interaction

Internships are a perfect medium to see how the real world functions and what is expected from a job. It is an opportunity for students (both Engineering students and otherwise) to learn to use their education for more practical purposes.

Internships are the perfect learning steps that allow the students to experiment, understand their strengths and weaknesses and go all out to achieve more. They are also introduced to the latest technologies in the field and taught how to use them effectively.

Meeting new people

Internships are particularly important for engineering students because they can help them network. Meeting new people from the professional field with possibly the same interests as yours can be a real bliss for your career.

You can go to these networks for help regarding your job, ask them for suggestions or when the need be, ask them to recommend you for jobs in a company of your interest.

Getting job ready

The main, driving point of internships for engineering students is to make them job ready. Internships can introduce you to the workings of an office and help you figure out how to conduct yourself in a professional environment.

However, more than any of that, engineering internships can really recommend you to the recruiters and tell them you possess the necessary skills. Internships are a great way to build on your existing skills and acquire new ones. And, your practical experience counts for a lot more when seeking a job than any semester mark does.


As the All India Council for Technical Education or AICTE pointed out in its Internship policy, “Internships are educational and career development opportunities, providing practical experience in a field or discipline. They are structured, short-term, supervised placements often focused around particular tasks or projects with defined timescales.”

It also added that “An internship may be compensated, non-compensated or some time may be paid. The internship has to be meaningful and mutually beneficial to the intern and the organization. It is important that the objectives and the activities of the internship program are clearly defined and understood.”


Internships can make engineering students job-ready, make them an attractive asset in the eyes of the recruiters and help them gain real-world experience. As such, an internship is actually compulsory for engineering students and the All India Council For Technical Education seems to agree on it.

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