Internship Opportunities in the IT Industry

Internship Opportunities in the IT Industry


Technology excites you, but you’re confused about what kind of internships to expect? Out of the 400+ IT internship jobs for students in India available on Letsintern, we picked out the top four themes for you, and what you need to know for each of them.

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1. Web developerA web developer is a software engineer who develops applications for the World Wide Web.

  • The most basic skills you need are HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which are the client side programming languages used by all browsers. Apart from this, you should at least one of the following technologies on the server side – PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails or .ASP.

2. Web designerHe/She is the person who creates and arranges the pages of a website and is responsible for the way it looks and functions.

  • You need to have a basic know-how of creating templates on Adobe Photoshop, in addition to HTML, CSS and JavaScript, since design is seen on a browser and the browser understands these three languages.

3. Database developer – Database developers develop systems that make it possible for enterprises to organize and store large amounts of data electronically.

  • Knowledge of SQL is a bare minimum. Apart from this, you should also know one of the various Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) like Oracle (used at a big enterprise level), Microsoft SQL Server (used with .ASP) or MySQL (an open source system usually used with PHP).

4. System administrator – This is the person responsible for installing and maintaining servers and multiple-user computer systems in organizations. Their main tasks involve adding and configuring new workstations, setting up user accounts and ensuring data security across systems.

  • You should be able to work with any Linux or Windows based server.

If you’re looking to kickstart a career in the IT industry, make sure you’ve got at least one of these under your belt.
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