Top 7 reasons why you should work @ Letsintern | Join the...

Top 7 reasons why you should work @ Letsintern | Join the team behind the number one student opportunity platform in India.


At Letsintern, you’d be coming in everyday and working on something that every college student out there will thank you for. Not to forget, we do some exceptional work for brands. You’d be responsible for creating a product or a campaign that will leave a valuable impression on lives. We call it – our version of ‘making a dent in the universe’.
Here is what you get by working with India’s No. 1 Student-Opportunity platform and leading Youth Marketing agency – and YouthINK, respectively:
  1. You’re not just an employee with a cubicle. 
    We’re a small team of dedicated workers, so your voice is heard and your suggestions are valued. Co-founders are not faceless people you have only heard about. You rub shoulders with them everyday, to build something extra-ordinary, right from the scratch. We let you grow and contribute, while you work out of your favorite spot on the couch.
  2. Bid farewell to formals: 
    You don’t have to wear a neck-tie to convince us of how serious you are about your work. As long as you keep up with your daily dose of awesome in whatever you do, we welcome khakis, denims, shorts, goofy t-shirts, crocs and anything you are comfortable in.
  3. Flexible holiday & vacation policy. 
    We give you two 1-week breaks, throughout the year, to get out and come back refreshed enough to pick up where you left off. We’d love to hear about all the places you saw, all the people you met and all the things you do, so by all means, talk our ears off. We like to know what keeps you driven and make sure you have more and better of it.
  4. Weekends are as better as it gets. 
    Second and fourth Saturdays are off. Third Saturday, we bounce off ideas and brainstorm over chilled beers and dine out, if the need be. First Saturday, the team gets together to indulge into a sport together. We have Cricket, Swimming and Football on the list which you’re most welcome to add on to!
  5. Music, Movies, TV Shows – We’re where the fun is! 
    We love music. Since, we work with people who come from different walks of life, you’ll have a new genre to discover everyday. We not only expect you to bring us new ideas on the table, but also your music to our speakers. Oh, and we follow our own set of TV shows; from Game of Thrones to Silicon Valley, we have watched it all. Pick your fandom or make a new one!
  6. We help you find a house: 
    You do not have to fret about accommodation, if you are moving from a different city to work with us. Feel free to crash at our Office Pads till you have settled in and figured your housing scenes. Even if you are a local, feel free to crash with us in an event or a tiff with parents or a significant other.
  7. Bonuses: 
    We are not hesitant in rewarding good work. Quarterly or Six monthly bonuses is a thing, and if you are competitive enough, you know how to find your way to them.Click here to apply for work opportunities with Letsintern. 




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