Last 2 months in Graduation| 6 TED Talks to make you feel...

Last 2 months in Graduation| 6 TED Talks to make you feel confident

The competitive last 2 months in graduation can take a toll on your faith in yourself. One can have his confidence shaken. Play these famous TED Talks to help you boost your confidence.


Famous TED Talks to inspire and build your confidence.

As you bid a valedictory wave to your college years, last 2 months in Graduation can make or break your career path. Being confident and staying calm is the key here, to enter the successful world. Confidence is a mandatory trait– it not only helps you but makes people around you feel inspired!

Here are 6 TED Talks that narrate how you can boost your confidence in last 2 months in Graduation:

How to build your creative confidence

The world categorises people into “creative” and “practical”. The creatives are the idealists, generally. David Kelly explains how creativity is not bound to such categorization of personality traits. Watch and explore if you fall into the category of creatives or you are just an amalgamation of personae!

Success, failure and the drive to keep creating

Remember how we are told that life is all Black and White, and you need is to find the colours for yourself!? How we see myriads of time that to every back, there is a front. All the coins have two sides if flipped. Elizabeth Gilbert, the famous Eat, Pray, Love fame ex- waitress tells how success and failure are both complimentary to each other. Watch and boost your confidence!

How to live passionately—no matter your age

To be honest, passion is what drives people! And people can have plenty and varying passions! If you are passionate about something, you are invincible. This is what Isabel Allende believes. Watch her speak how age is just a mental barrier. Listen to her speak that it is all about widening your horizons.

Your body language shapes who you are

You project your thoughts and ideas from your brain via words and deeds. Your body is a projection of your mind. The way you operate your body is what people perceive. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy speaks of the importance of body language. Watch and learn about the power of influence in this famous TED Talk. Boost your confidence with the tips she suggests.

The day I stood up alone

Watch Photographer Boniface Mwangi talk about his self-discovery of his existence. Get inspired to tame your young, zealous soul to find your way through life. Hear him tell you how sometimes being alone can give you the confidence you yearn for!

How I beat stage fright

Last 2 months in Graduation- you are just a fledgeling ready to experience the real world. Not every college goer can have the courage to face the crowd. Joe Kowan talks about his stage fear and how he overcame it. Listen and boost your confidence- for you are very young and there is a lot more to come!

Listen to these famous TED Talks, get inspired, get going! Be positive, be confident!

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