Life @ Google India | 3 Google employees talk about what it...

Life @ Google India | 3 Google employees talk about what it is like to work at Google India.


This post has been curated from the responses to this question on Quora. 

1. Mayank Bhura, former Software Engineer Intern at Google, Bangalore, writes, “Life at Google is in one word – awesome. Since I’ve worked at the Google Bangalore office, I am specifically speaking about Google Bangalore.

  1. Work Timings: There is no officially declared fixed timing. Just have to make sure you are on time for meetings and are able to complete your work. Generally, most employees come around 9-10am, and leave at around 7-8pm. Apart from this, Google also lets you work from home in case a situation turns up. Google also refunds for your  internet connection at home and provides a 19 inch monitor to work at home. What more could one ask for.
  2. Pay: The base pay is 11.5 lacs, plus stocks, insurance, EPF, etc. The CTC comes to around 25lpa.  It’s as high as any other tech company in India. I would argue that the benefits at Google are higher than any other tech company in India.
  3. Work pressure: Google makes sure you don’t feel any pressure while working. That’s why, we have massage chairs, spa, gym, micro-kitchens (yes, free food), 4 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner), music rooms, TT tables, cricket nets, and whatnot. Plus, teams are entitled one team outing per year, to get to know each other. They can visit practically any place in the world, and the expenses will be managed by Google. Of course, not your shopping expenses.
  4. Yes, they all work in casuals, i.e. tees and jeans. I haven’t seen anyone come to work in formals there. EVER. There is no dress code.

There are many more things to tell. The list is too long.

The Bangalore office is wonderful. I had been there for 2.5 months during my internship, and never missed home.”

Me with few other interns and employees on a Noogler(new-joinees at Google are called Nooglers) outing.
My work desk.
Google’s cafeteria.
Just another breakfast.
Reception Desk at Google.

2. Arpit Agrawal, Software Engineer at Google Hyderabad, writes:
“My day today (Monday) at Google Hyderabad.

– Spent an hour and a half working-out at the in-house gym.
– Spent half an hour demolishing a friend at pool at the 4th floor games room. (I don’t like the games room at first, second, third and fifth floor.)
– Teach for India is bringing in 150 kids aged 9-12 years at Google tomorrow. I spent an hour and a half today planning the day / activities for them tomorrow.
– Spent an hour today planning the following Google sponsored activities through the year:

1. Vacation to an international destination (Current contenders: Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Maldives, Malaysia, Philippines)
2. Dates for the Google Engineering Cricket League (GECL).
3. IPL match Engineers-outing : (Decision: Sunrisers vs. RCB – April 30)
4. Movie Engineers-outing: (Current contenders: Batman vs. Superman, Jungle Book, X-men and so on…) – This movie outing is over and above the Google Hyderabad site-wide movie outing.

Probably, that’s why I don’t get Monday woes.

To answer “Do employees work in casuals?” – Had to go out shopping yesterday for shorts to wear at work, because hey; it’s summertime (but no sadness).”

3. Abhishek Bansal, former Google Bangalore Intern, writes:
Pay – Since Flipkart raised the maximum salary in India, Google is planning to raise its base pay too, or so I heard from one of my teammates.

Casuals – Jeans and Tshirt is not casual enough for some people. Don’t worry, I used to go in shorts. As did some of my team mates and the head of Google India. Nobody really cares until its decent. I don’t think they will allow you to work in boxer shorts.

Work Pressure – Pressure is really low if you like your work. However some people I knew were not entirely happy with their current projects but that happens in every company. Newbies are seldom given high profile projects but as you grow you start getting good projects. Though it is to be noted that an offshore office will always be worse off than the MTV office in quality of projects.

Food – The cafeteria was amazing. Bhura being a vegetarian posted a photo of a very sad looking plate, in reality the choices of food were countless. But that simple stuff like idlis, dal etc was amazing too.

Gym and Massages – After gorging on various delicacies for the first two weeks in the intern, we got concerned and started going to the in house gym which is open for all employees. The instructors there were good and so was the overall gym. Employees can also get massages from trained professionals at nominal rates.

TGIF – One major thing that Bhura missed was the friday snacks which consisted of free booze along with assortment of snacks. Oh Corona, I miss you dearly!

Games – The usual pool tables, TT tables and foosball was obviously available but the most fun I had was playing AOE with my teammates in the office at night. Imagine that!

Life at Google was really awesome! Alas, it was only for 10 weeks.”




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