LIGHTS. CAMERA. WOOP | 3 reasons why photographers at Wooplr are living...

LIGHTS. CAMERA. WOOP | 3 reasons why photographers at Wooplr are living the dream!


.When the first ray of sun becomes the world’s spotlight, when the dew drop on the leaf becomes the brightest pearl and every simple thing finds its own magical story, that’s when you know you are one of a kind. Those who leave their house without a defined destination, with only one precious thing, a camera, they are painters of impeccable landscapes and proud owners of what we call ‘behind the lens’.

Above all, if you have an eye for spotting fashion and beautifying every little object in a way that it has never looked before, then probably, we have just the best opportunity waiting for you! For all budding photographers, Wooplr brings you the best photography internship ever. Let’s get a sneak peek into the world of Photographers at Wooplr and see how they are living their dreams.

1. Hot Fashion in Campus? They spot it all!
If you are finding a reason to dress up for college every day, well, the Wooplr photographers are enough for an answer to that. They are always on a hunt for the most fashionable crowd everywhere they go. For campus style, though, they undoubtedly have a soft corner!

If you are in a desirable campus look, you are definitely among their favorites and mind you, they won’t rest until they bring you on board for a feature on the Wooplr app. During their free sessions, they do make sure that they have enough selfies with all those Fashionistas!

2. An exclusive photoshoot – a dream? They make it real!
.The first dream that you tend to build as an amatuer is to be a part of or cover an exclusive photoshoot for some known personality. In Wooplr, the photographers are already living a dream by capturing our lucky fashion influencers in a personal photoshoot. While, everywhere, they wish to capture celebrities, here, we make our photographers a celebrity, who act as a reward for our gorgeous users on winning the periodical contests conducted on the app.

Whether a release of a trend collection or free photo frenzy, they do it all! Feeling big already?

3. Is the ramp your Final Destination? They find no Zenith!
.The most exciting part of their journey begins when their calendars are filled with the stars of the exclusive events they are supposed to cover every month. Whether a city-based fashion show, the Amazon Fashion Week or the major milestone – Lakme Fashion Week, they know it all before it reaches your ears through the news. Not only do they find their way in as official photographers, they also, manage to get a glimpse of the real world of photography, the higher-end media industry and most of all, the more-than-ever dazzled up models who pose for their flashes on the ramp.

Want to get more insiders? How about getting on the board with wooplr and living it your way.

Give the most Fashionable direction to your photographic dreams and turn them into a job that you absolutely cherish! Sign up for the best Photography internship now and begin your journey with lights, camera and Woop!

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