How to use LinkedIn to boost your career.

How to use LinkedIn to boost your career.


Gone are the days when LinkedIn was only for big shots in the corporate world. Slowly but steadily, this ‘corporate social networking site’ is making a mark among the students as well. And why wouldn’t it? Freshers today understand the importance of having a good professional network and the ways it can boost one’s career.

Rishabh Gupta, CEO & co-founder of Letsintern, and a huge supporter of LinkedIn says, “Making the right connections when you’re young gives you access to awesome opportunities. You can connect with industry professionals in your fields of interest, or meet incredible people for mentorship. I would highly recommend spending at least 20% of the time the youth spends on Facebook, to be diverted to LinkedIn.”

A lot of student entrepreneurs join LinkedIn to make connections that’ll help in their future endeavors. A good professional network ensures that once you’re a part of the corporate club, you won’t be missing out on valuable opportunities. Rishabh, an entrepreneur himself, finds LinkedIn a resourceful tool for making connections to help his organization. “We’ve met some incredible people through Linkedin. Some led to business, hence revenues. Others led to connections, new hires and an awesome team. It also gives the brand a lot of visibility on a very apt platform.”

It’s only natural that a social network for professionals from various fields has become the hotspot for finding new and exciting job opportunities. These days, people get jobs offers and apply for jobs through LinkedIn. Consider Sneha Bhadauria, Director, Scoop Interactive, who has gotten many job offers through LinkedIn, including one from Letsintern. According to Sneha, the best part about finding work opportunities through LinkedIn is the global platform it provides. “Since people from all round the world who are in your profession can approach you, it makes the opportunities better,” she says.

The question is how? How do you make this professional network work? How can it push your career ahead? The answer is simple – right people at the right time. Rishabh puts it as, “Connect with people who either know you really well or connect with those you can add value to. If you just go seeking value – networks will shut. You must contribute value to each connection and network to grow your connections.”

Now that you’re hopefully considering making an account on LinkedIn, here are a few cool features. There’s one which lets you endorse your connections’ abilities. “I think the concept of endorsing is an amazing idea. Through the endorsement function, you can bet on someone’s ability and increase their chances of getting noticed for a job. For example, Ankit Saxena (Tech Head at Letsintern) found my profile and saw that a certain number of people had endorsed my skills. That made him surer about my capabilities,” Sneha says. Then there’s recommendation, wherein you recommend people in your connections for a job opening you stumble upon, or groups you can join and voice your opinion about various issues.

Simply put, for students and freshers who want to push to their career in comparison to their peers, LinkedIn is something you wouldn’t want to give a miss!

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