How to crack a ‘Marketing Interview’ | 3 quick tips.

How to crack a ‘Marketing Interview’ | 3 quick tips.


1.Keep an action plan on your fingertips:
It goes without saying that you should know what the organization you are interviewing for, does, the services it provides and the products it is known for. However, as someone applying for a marketing position, it is important to keep in mind that knowledge means nothing without the possibility of application at the right time. Everyone can put ideas to paper, but a call for action is what makes you a good marketing personnel and that is exactly what you, as a potential candidate will be expected to bring to the table.

Come equipped with a few marketing ideas or strategies of your own, for the company. It doesn’t need to be very grand to make an impression. Start from the small things. What is the company’s target audience at present? Where more can it spread its reach and how? What is their overall standing in the market and who are their immediate competitors? What is their current activation programs? How have they previously marketed their products and where they could have done a tad bit better?

Remember, presentation of your opinions or plans done right will go a long way. Don’t outwardly say that their marketing strategy– current or the one used for past campaigns- is not up to the mark. Sound positive and be humble in your approach while making a point.

2. Carry evidence:
Since marketing is all about selling ideas, what a better time and place to showcase your ability, than your own interview, where you can convince the employer to hire you as the new addition to their organization?
Every candidate who appears for the interview believes that he has great ideas, but claiming to make a substantial difference in the company with your marketing prowess makes sense only when you have something to back that up with. A well documented portfolio with all your previous work experience, achievements, other creative briefs you have prepared, helps the employer gather an image about your commitment towards work and helps them judge your working pattern.

3. Know the market’s pulse:
Five years ago, nobody would have predicted that in the years to come, social media engagement, will become “the thing” and will end up becoming a key point of consideration, while marketing strategies for any organization, were the talk of the hour. Be that person who knows what is going on in the world out there. Some of the leading organizations have managed to be where they are today, by being backed up by kick-ass advertising, some of which isn’t too flashy, but follows a more of a “right time, right place” principle.

Always be on a look-out for the latest trends in marketing, only then will you know what will work in what situation. Weigh the pros and the cons. Devise a plan according to that and be confident enough to pull it off!




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