With A Digital Marketing Internship: Our Super Intern, Mohit Is Back!

With A Digital Marketing Internship: Our Super Intern, Mohit Is Back!

Meet our Super Intern who is back with his 7th internship experience! This time it is a digital marketing internship at a Venture Capital firm.


Our Super Intern was browsing through Angel.co platform where he found his mentor and his future Digital Marketing Internship! Meet Mohit Badaya for the second time! This Super Intern has amused us with the number of internships he has in his pocket and the experiences he gained! Let us all celebrate his dedication!
Badaya tells us that his (recent) digital marketing internship wasn’t a paid gig, but a job opportunity was offered on successful completion.
“After successfully completing 5 Internships, this summer I was looking for a digital marketing internship with a Startup that can help me not only build my portfolio but help me learn about the details of establishing a startup, it’s business planning, client handling and the recipe for forming a perfect team. Hopefully, I got an internship resonating with my needs; a perfect mentor, new ideas and a perfect team that helped me learn a lot about startups”.

Mohit was quite impressed with the role this venture capital firm was offering. He says, “after applying for the Internship with the updated resume, I got an email on the next day from the founder himself, that he wants to interview me. I was in Seventh Heaven; very happy that I am getting an opportunity to work with such a great person”.

I was told that my resume was one of the best they’d seen

“This digital marketing internship gave me confidence, made me believe in the work I had done so far! I successfully started with digital media, website framing, & e-commerce handling. All the team members were given chances to deliver their expertise in their domains. My topic was digital marketing. As a team, we collaborated a lot of things like, infographic designs, website design (WordPress), marketplace framing, and other stuff which was superb!”

The best thing about my internship was time flexibility. The role demanded us to be task oriented which enabled to learn skills and different software that will help in future. I also learned some new software, tools and got a detailed view of how everything works in a startup.

I successfully added an exclusive experience to my resume

“Truly speaking, it was a rewarding experience working for an entrepreneur and with a great team. I gained hands-on experience of startup management”.

Inspired by our Super Intern’s escapades? You can begin yours too! Just apply for exciting internships. For more updates stay tuned to the Letsintern blog.